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Three Reasons Why Should You Switch to Poha for Breakfast

Three Reasons Why Should You Switch to Poha for Breakfast

If you are health or diet conscious, you would understand the importance of eating a balanced breakfast. Medical experts also urge people to start their day with a healthy breakfast option that helps replenish energy levels and nutrients. Out of many options that you can try, Poha makes for an excellent breakfast option. A staple in the western parts of India, it is light, tasty and is highly nutritious. It is also believed to be a super-food in many places, and we think it’s totally true! 

Poha is particularly popular in Indore, Rajasthan, and some Northern states. Indori Poha is probably the spiciest of all the variants, and hence it is a popular one too. The hint of spice in Indori Poha comes from a special spice mix called Jeeravan Masala, which is extremely popular. If you ever get a chance to try Indori Poha, we guarantee you; you will never settle for anything else for your breakfast.
Jeeravan Masala
  • Rich in iron – This simple looking dish can help you grab 70% of the iron requirement a day! Just one regular plate of Poha can do this wonder. A tip for better iron absorption - squeeze some lemon on Poha. It enhances the taste of the dish, but Vitamin C also helps in better iron absorption.
  • Low in calories- One regular plate of poha give you 180 calories (i.e.) 9% of the total value required in a day.
  • Ideal crabs to starts the day- Poha is a powerhouse of energy! It is made of 76% of healthy carbs and 24% of fats. It provides you with enough energy to go through your day without really worrying about putting on weight.

Are you excited to try Indori Poha?

You can buy Indori poha online! Our platform, Indore.Online, sources the best and authentic Indori Poha. And yes, if you are wondering where will you get jeeravan masala from then, we have got your back! Buy poha online along with jeeravan masala and embrace the healthy breakfast habit without any further delays.

Remember, healthy habits make healthy life!