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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern your use of Indore.Online and the services provided by it. Indore.Online provides its services subject to the following terms, conditions, and provisions. By accessing, viewing, or using this website, www.Indore.Online, you are binding to these Terms and Conditions.

Indore.Online reserves the right to amend/modify these Terms and Conditions at any time.

  1. All perishable products like Namkeen & Sweets arrangements/design / colour, shown here are indicative. We do our best to give a better result than shown. It may be possible that the actual arrangement/ design/colour varies due to availability and other reasons beyond our control. In such cases, Customer is not liable for any compensation.
  2. In cases of ordered Sweets / Namkeen / Spices / other delivered items which are not available in the respective city or town, we shall deliver available best quality  items of equal value. We always ensure that full or higher value to our customers in all such cases.
  3. We ship all items from our central location. In the case of sweets/namkeen from a particular brand is not available in the central location, the same shall be delivered through courier from a different location.  All shipments are shipped through surface courier and shall be shipped in 2 to 5 business days and will reach in 7-10 working days post shipping.
  4. In rare cases after placing the order, the delivery  may not be possible due to remote area, long-distance, non-availability of the product, Non-availability of service either temporarily/ permanently, a delivery person met with an accident, damage of the product, strike, protest, rain, natural calamity, lack of transportation.  In such case, Indore.Online has full authority to take the decision to cancel the order and a full refund shall be done. No compensation shall be done for such cancellation.
  5. Online will always try to deliver the product within the specific date & time communicated to the customer. In some cases, earlier or delay may happen and no complaint or compensation shall be accepted.
  6. Delivery of certain items may not be possible under certain uncontrollable circumstances. However, you always have a right to get a 100% refund of your money for such items.
  7. In some cases gift message may not be written on the sweets, gift tag during the festivals Occasion, normal days or without the knowledge of Shop, Delivery Executive. In such cases, Customer cannot claim for any compensation.
  8. Requests for cancellation of orders will not be entertained after processing the order.  however, in rare cases, it can be considered. The decision of Indore.Online will be final in this case.
  9. We reserve the right to cancel any order without providing any reason. This will be regardless of whether the payment has been confirmed/received. Payment for the cancelled orders will be refunded and the Customer will be informed. No compensation shall be done for the cancelled order.
  10. Refund for Cancellation of Order either by the Customer or by Indore.Online will be settled at the earliest as soon as the formal procedure is completed. In some cases, the delay may happen due to Payment gateway / Bank formalities. In such cases Customer can send an email about non-credit of payment and Indore.Online will do all the coordination to get back the amount.  No compensation shall be done for such a delay.
  11. For orders in which problem arises owing to the mistake of the Customer e.g. wrong address or incomplete information or recipient not reachable, no refund will be given. Redelivery charges, if any, will be borne by the Customer.
  12. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to check the order detail including product, address, date, time in the order confirmation received through email/sms.
  13. Online is not responsible for any Human or technical error made by the Customer. For such cases the customer should call/email about the any error / changes in the product/address.  Any changes in Product / address/error  shall be considered only after getting email  confirmation from Indore.Online
  14. The Customer agrees to give the correct information which is true and authentic. We reserve the right to confirm the information provided by the Customer.
  15. Any complaint  regarding quality of product, non compliance of  product description, shortage of quantity, damage shall be reported within 2 days for the Perishable product and for the other products.  Indore.Online have full authority to accept/reject including refund for the complaint raised by the customer after the mentioned days 
  16. Due to the nature of product, services & Marketing strategy  involved, we may or we may not display the shipping & Service charges seperately.  In such cases the MRP is not applicable due the said reason and customer should not claim for the difference in amount  between MRP displayed in the product & order value.    Such complaint/clarification  are not entertained and Indore.Online not liable for the claim. Customer should read the product weight / Quantity before placing the order.
  17. We will not be held liable for any credit card fraud that occurs on its website. Customer  have to use only their card when they make their payments. The liability of using a fraudulent credit card lies on the Customer and the responsibility to establish otherwise shall exclusively be the Customer’s
  18. We will not be responsible for any delay / non-delivery of the order because of flood, fire, wars, lock down or for any reason that are beyond our control. For such orders a complete refund will be provided.
  19. In some cases the shipment of product shall be delayed due to back order / Manufacturing time.  In such cases Customer are not liable to claim any  compensation for the delay.
  20. There may be delay in delivering the product after shipment due to  the concern courier company / difficult to identify the location / remote area.  In such cases Indore.Online shall do all the coordination to deliver the product at the earliest.  Customer is not liable to clain any compensation for the delay.
  21. In case of any complaint against the quality or different in product.  In such cases, the Customer raises the complaint through email within 24 hours on receiving the product. Indore.Online have full authority to accept or reject the complaint.  Refund can also be made depending on nature of complaint and any decision to refund is sole prerogative of Indore.Online
  22. In case a customer wants to cancel an order he needs to do it at least 24 Hours before the date of delivery or the date of shipment. However in all such cases 10% of the ordered amount will be deducted towards credit card processing expenses.
  23. The price of the product which are subject to MRP restrictions are being sold on the website after adding up costs of our services, delivery and online transactions cost. It is the customer responsibility to check the price of the product before placing the order and they don’t have any liability to claim the difference in additional price.
  24. We have provided the Delivery Date & Time during the order process and it is only tentative.  We will do our best to deliver it on the schedule date and time.  However if there is any delay due to difficulties in manufacturing the product, local condition, the product shall be delivered on the next day or as soon as it is available and the Customer cannot claims any responsibility for the delay
  25. All the courier product that is not available locally or manufacture/purchase in different location shall be delivered through courier / speed post. .  The time may vary depend on the product and delivery location. The schedule date & time is not applicable for the courier product.
  26. Orders received after 2 Pm IST shall normally be processed as next day orders, but we shall try our best to ship same day. A phone call to us after placement of such urgent orders will be appreciated.
  27. All the product shown in the website including Perishable food, sweets, namkeen, spices etc. have been taken using high clarity photo graphic view. The color may slightly differ based on the available illumination at the customer end.
  28. It is the Customer responsibility to check physical damage on the product / parcel / while receiving the product through courier. Any damage, Quality, difference in product received by the Customer through courier shall be intimated by the Customer within 48 hours on receiving the product.  In such cases Indore.Online shall do all necessary means to redeliver the correct product.  No compensation shall be done in such cases and Customer should liable to accept the time taken to redeliver the product.
  29. Customer should carefully read the description of the Product, shipping details and destination disclaimer information before placing the order.
  30. The Schedule Date & Time are not applicable for the product delivered through Courier. Indore.Online will do the coordination with the Courier associates in order to delivered to the nearest date if selected by the Customer. The Customer do not have any liable to complaint regarding delivery date for such product.