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Top 5 Namkeens in India We Totally Love!

Top 5 Namkeens in India We Totally Love!

Indians are big-time foodies who simply cannot do without having snacks on their plate. So whether it is bundi raita to go with their biryani or adding namkeen to their curries and turning them into innovative dishes such as the spicy misal or sev bhaaji, Indians have a long history of namkeen. 

Every community in India has specialty namkeen, so whether it is the fafda of Gujarat or Karnataka’s jackfruit chips. Here are some of our top authentic Namkeens that we totally recommend:

  1. Ratlami Sev

Crispy and fried, the famous Indori Ratlami sev is made from healthy chickpea flour with Indori blend of spices. Ratlami Sev is an excellent high-tea ally, or you can have it with Indian dishes such as upma, poha, etc.

  1. Teekhi Bundi

Teekhi bundi is a perfect ingredient for raita. Just mix curd, bundi, salt, sugar and enjoy this delicious raita with a variety of rice and paratha items. Looking to buy authentic Indori namkeen online? Check out Indore.online!

  1. Mota Gathiya

Indians love their namkeen. So whether it is to munch on during the evening tea or as a snack item in office lunchbox, they love something savoury! The Mota Gathiya is not a masaledaar snack item but its light, salty taste is something that doesn’t let you keep hands off of it!

  1. Tasty Peanuts

The party-favourite snack item, Tasty peanuts is a super companion for your drinks! The namkeen consists of coated masala peanuts that are spicy and tangy! They’re so delicious that we bet you can’t just eat one! 

  1. Diet Mix Chiwda

For the health conscious namkeen lovers who want to stay fit but also cannot miss out on chatpata namkeen, the Diet Mix Chiwda is the right pick for you! Top it up with finely chopped tomatoes, onions and coriander, and spritz some lemon juice to turn it into a yummy chaat item. 

Looking for Indore famous namkeen online? Check out Indore.online for lip-smacking authentic Indori namkeen! If you wish to buy tasty namkeen offline, then head to our Indori Ratlami sev shop in Mumbai (Thakur Village, Kandivali East) for a variety of authentic snacks, papads, gajak, instant mixes and more! 

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Add Chatpata Twist to Indori Poha – Instant Poha Chaat Recipe

Add Chatpata Twist to Indori Poha – Instant Poha Chaat Recipe

Poha is one of India's favourite breakfast items. So whether it is Indori Poha or Maharashtrian Pohe, people across India enjoy this healthy and delicious dish to start their day. Parents might find it hard to feed their children this dish because children prefer options such as cornflakes, Chocos, sandwiches and more. So how do you get your kids eat this nutrition-packed dish for breakfast? Add a chatakdaar twist to it!

Here's how you can elevate Poha with this instant, refreshing and healthy dish!

Instant Poha Chaat Recipe


  • Indori Poha 
  • Onion, finely chopped
  • Tomatoes, finely chopped
  • Ratlami Sev (or any sev of your choice)
  • Coriander leaves, finely chopped
  • Lemon juice
  • Pudina chutney (optional)


  1. Gather all the ingredients and prepare as directed. You can buy poha online from Indore.online for authentic Indori Poha.
  2. Cook poha as usual without curry leaves and coriander leaves. (There's no harm in adding these ingredients as both curry and coriander leaves are good for health.)
  3. Serve poha in a bowl and keep aside. 
  4. Make pudina chutney using mint leaves, coriander leaves, green chilies, salt and sugar. Pudina chutney brings out the 'chaat' essence of this dish. 
  5. Add a tablespoon of pudina chutney on top of the served poha. 
  6. Add finely chopped onions and tomatoes. 
  7. Add sev of your choice and sprinkle coriander leaves on top. 
  8. Squeeze out the lemon juice and serve Poha Chaat! 

Why is Indori Poha a healthy option?

Poha is recommended by dieticians for its health benefits. It is called super food as it works wonderfully for weight loss, especially when eaten for breakfast. Here are some benefits of poha:

  • Easy to digest
  • Full of iron
  • Loaded with healthy carbohydrates
  • Has low calories content
  • Maintains blood/sugar level
Looking to buy Indori poha online? Check out Indore.online today for lip-smacking namkeen, snacks, sweets and more!
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6 Types of Papads You Should Try

6 Types of Papads You Should Try

Whether it is your soothing moong dal khichadi or a plate of spicy biryani, having crunchy, delicious papad by the side makes any meal wholesome. Papad or pappadam is India's favourite namkeen when it comes to traditional meals. It doesn’t just taste good with rice dishes but also with rajma, chhole, and the like.

There are varieties of papads available in India made with different flours and flavours. There’s just no limit when it comes to flavours. When thinking of buying papad online, we totally recommend trying out these papads that are made using different flours. So keep your plate of rajma chawal ready and finish it with these tasty papad variants!

Chana Dal Papad

6 Types of Papads You Should Try 

  1. Rice Papad

A savoury delicacy in South Indian homes, this is a standard supplement with rice, sambhar and pickle. The rice papad is made using rice and salt. Some homes also add soaked sabudana and homemade masala for additional flavourings.

  1. Ragi Papad

A popular Maharashtrian meal accompaniment is the ragi or the nachani papad. It is made using healthy ragi flour. Its rich brown colour and coarse texture make it stand out from other papad variants. Another healthy option for fitness freaks is moong dal papad.

  1. Sabudana Papad

A favourite snack item during fasts, sabudana papad is often eaten during Navratri fasts or other fasts across India. It has a slight flavour of jeera, salt, and ghee that make this papad tasty and crunchy!

  1. Aloo Papad

Made using boiled, mashed potatoes and salt, aloo papad is famous across the northern Indian states such as Punjab, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Aloo ka papad is also a common snack eaten during Holi.

  1. Chana Dal Papad

Chana papad or chana dal papad is a conventional spicy papad made from flour and chana dal. It tastes delicious with rice items or traditional curries such as sambhar, kadhi, rassam, etc.

  1. Khichiya Papad

Khichu is a dough made from rice flour, salt, and cumin seeds. The papad made from this dough is known as Khichiya papad. It is an integral part of Gujarati cuisine and is rare to find in other parts of the country. Buy khichiya papad variants like Makka Khichiya, Rice Khichiya, Wheat Khichiya and Jwar Khichiya papad online on Indore.online.

Looking to buy papad online? Check out Indore.online for a range of crunchy papads such as moong dal papad, chana dal papad and other namkeen items like Ratlami sev, teekha bundi, lal mirch mungfali dana, etc.  If you have a sweet tooth, there are plenty Indian sweets such Basundi mix, Jalebi mix, shakar para, etc. Check out Indore.online and dive into a world of namkeen and sweets, all manufactured by well-known manufacturers from India!

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Why are Indians so keen about Namkeens?

Why are Indians so keen about Namkeens?

There is nothing on the earth that can replace the love of Indians for namkeens. While aloo bhujia, namkeen mix, nut crackers, and some more are very popular ready-to-eat snacks, but every place has a local namkeen that is loved by all. If Northern states in India are too keen on roasted dry fruits, dry bhel, etc, as namkeen, then southern starts have popular banana chips and similar items. But today, let's look at why namkeens are so special for us Indians.

  1. It's our favourite mid-meal: There is hardly anyone who doesn’t feel hungry between the meal times. And when that happens, we want to eat something that is neither too heavy or too light. Hence we sort to our favourite namkeen options.
  1. We like it with meals: Topping up our breakfast poha with sev or bhujia or securing masala peanuts alongside dal-roti is so common that some people follow it religiously. 
  1. Goes with any beverage: Whatever you decide to indulge in tea, coffee, or alcohol-based drinks, namkeens make for a perfect beverage partner.
  1. Namkeens uplift our moods: It is not easy to survive work-from-home without work-related stress, and a tasty namkeen pack is all we need as fuel to boost our energy! When the mouth tastes something good, our brains function better! Isn’t it?

We are sure you have a unique reason to love namkeen too. No wonder why namkeen market is enormous in India, and surprisingly it is still expanding. Tapping the nerve of the customers, today you can also find “diet namkeen” or healthy snacks. 

Thanks to the power of the internet, now you can also buy namkeen online. While big shopping portals have a great deal of variety, if you are a namkeen lover and only want the best, don’t miss out on exclusive online namkeen stores. Our platform Indore.online offers best namkeen online and delivers pan India. We, especially, have a wide variety of authentic and 100% fresh Indori namkeens. If you ever searched for “Indori namkeen near me ” then you have arrived at the right place. So, don’t forget to check out our namkeen range!

Happy munching!

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Reasons why poha is India’s favourite breakfast

Reasons why poha is India’s favourite breakfast

Indians are famous for having heavy breakfasts such as paranthas, puri aloo, bhature and more. However, there are also some options that many Indians relish in the light breakfast category. The most popular one is Poha or pohe, which is basically flattened rice meal. Many states in western India prefer Poha as breakfast for all seven days a week. Indore is particularly popular for a unique taste of poha, thanks to the spicy Jeeravan masala. Therefore, Indore poha is one of the most popular dishes among poha lovers. Let us look at some of the reasons why poha is India’s favourite

Easy to cook

Gone are the days when breakfast time was a celebration time with sumptuous dishes prepared for long hours. Today, most Indians are engaged in the corporate segment and opt for meals that take lesser time to cook. Poha fits the category perfectly. Its preparations can be as simple or as complex as you wish it to be. You can make it with simple salt and spices or add vegetables, peanuts and more ingredients as you desire. Either way, poha will win your heart and will keep you full until lunchtime.

Full of nutrients 

Poha seems to be so light, but it is very healthy. Loaded with iron and other minerals, Poha is extremely good for people with iron deficiency. Medical experts also recommend Poha as a meal for pregnant women who need iron more than anyone else. Further, if you sprinkle lemon (vitamin C) over it, your body absorbs the iron better from poha.

Sourcing authentic poha

It is as easy to buy poha online as it is to cook! Simply log on to Indore.Online and explore the poha packs as desired. The best part is, we also offer the authentic Jeeravan masala from Indore. Just sprinkle it over poha after it is cooked and tada! Indore Poha is ready to be served.

We encourage you to experiment as many flavours of Poha as you wish because Poha can be as dynamic as you want it to be!

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The grand launch of Pushp masala on Indore.Online

The grand launch of Pushp masala on Indore.Online

Indian kitchens are incomplete without masalas or spices. For any dish that lacks masala even a tad bit, Indians are quick to term it as “food for sick people.” We love to experiment with masalas and are open to trying different spices to engage our taste buds. The spice range from Indore is specifically popular among Indians for its unique and addictive flavour. Pushp masala from Indore is a renowned masala brand, and Indians trust the brand to uplift the soul of their dishes.


Veg Biryani Masala pushp

Indore.Online is happy to announce the availability of a range of products from Pushp Masala on its platforms. Now, anyone from across India can order the local and 100% authentic Indori masalas sitting in the comfort of their homes. Pushp Masala’s popular products such as Pushp Shahi Hing, Sabji Masala from Pushp, Lal Mirch, black pepper, Kesar or saffron, garam masala and more.


Launched with love for Indori food, Indore.Online aims to take the taste of Indore to every nook and corner of the country. It is common for Indians to fall in love with the local Indori dishes, but once they go back to their home towns or move to another city for some reason, we know how much they miss the flavour. Therefore, in the internet age, Indore.Online is a gateway for any food lover or Indori food lover to stay connected with the food they love to eat!



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Why Indians are the best food innovators?

Why Indians are the best food innovators?

Have you recently heard about “golden latte” and how beneficial it is for health? Well, that is just “haldi doodh”, which we Indians have been consuming for centuries! That is not food innovation for us but for the rest of the world. However, it is interesting to see how we Indians use a single food ingredient in so much variety that it turns out to be an innovative approach. Let us look at some food items that Indian have tried and succeeded to tickle the taste buds!

  1. Samosa: Somewhere, someone must have been eating samosa daily and got bored with the usual; the person then decided to make samosa chaat by crushing it and adding yoghurt, chutneys, etc. Then he tried a samosa sandwich, replaced aloo masala with noodles and so on! The variety of samosa and samosa dishes can sweep any Indian by its feet! A confession: we just made up a story of a person eating samosa daily. Don’t try this stunt at home, please, for health reasons.
  1. Sev or pakodi/besan boondi: There is no dish, NO DISH, in India that is offered without sprinkling sev or boondi over it. Be it Raita, chaat papdi ot gol gappe. At many places, local burger vendors also use sev in burgers and sandwiches. To spice up lunch or dinner, many people also make sev sabji! You can try different sevs to try many things at home or simple mix it in poha. Must-try sev flavours are Double Laung Sev, Ratlami Sev and Ujjaini Sev.
  1. Bread: Of course, bread isn’t an Indian thing, but the way we use bread, nobody else in the world does! Making sandwich of anything is pretty common. People do it all the time. If masala material is missing, just spred some cheese and chips and tada! Sandwich is ready. But in various parts of India you can see people making bread poha, bread halwa, bread shahi tukda, and so many other things which are beyond our imagination.

Getting the material for food innovation

While you can buy samosa and bread from your nearby shop, we suggest buying freshly made items, especially sev. A stale sev loses its flavour and doesn’t add anything to the food that you are eating. Packaged sevs aren’t same as freshly made sev. But there is no need to worry because you can buy freshly made indore sev online from Indore.Online. And let us tell you, fresh sev tastes like heaven!

So log on to Indore.Online and access the food heaven!

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Snacks that make your tea delicious

Snacks that make your tea delicious

India loves chai! While most may not know it consciously, but it works like a medicine for many of us. When the day is not going well, a cup of tea can make it better, and if it is going well, a cup of tea makes it even more amazing. So, good or bad, a cup of chai is what keeps us going. Even though chai or tea is not originally Indian, we have embraced this British beverage wholeheartedly. We have special snacks that only go with tea and enhance our relationship with our beloved tea. Let’s look at some snack that is extremely popular to go with tea:

1. Rusk: Yes, we agree most of us have seen our grandparents or parents combining rusk with tea, and we are more of a “pass me a nacho” generation, but trust us on this rusk is one of the most amazing snacks to go with tea. Its light flavour is a perfect fit. Moreover, there are many options such as Milk Rusk, Suji Rusk, Elaichi Rusk, Jeera Rusk, etc. An add on tip – try rusks from Indore to experience the rich flavour.

Milk Rusk

2. Khari: Kahri is a traditional Indian snack known by different names in different places. In North Indian states, it is known as puff, and in other states, it is mostly known as Khari. Whatever you want to call it, but we call it a super tasty snack! It is healthy since it is baked and very light as well. Again, you can find so many flavours such as Loung Khari, Ajwain Khari, jeera Khari and many more.

3. Sev or namkeen: As much as India loves chai, it loves sev. They are super healthy and so delicious that it is hard to stop at just a few bites. Its combo with tea further adds richness and makes it a flavour bomb. You can try Double Laung Sev, Ratlami Sev and Ujjaini Sev with your tea to experience the awesomeness.


Indore Sev namkeen

Tea break snacks from Indore

If you are a sucker for a snack, it would be hard for you to stay away from the flavour of Indore. With the blend of the right amount of chillies and other spices, Indore makes the best-tasting snacks. But, don’t worry! You don’t have to travel to Indore to get some tea break snacks. You can order them from the comfort of your home. Simply log on to Indore.Online, select your favourite snacks and maybe more, and they will be delivered to you at light speed!

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What makes Dhokla healthy?

What makes Dhokla healthy?

Soft, fluffy, sour and sweet dhokla can make anyone drool over it! Hence, its popularity across the Northern and western states of India doesn’t come as a surprise. Originated from Gujarat, Dhokla has become a part of meals across cultures. But did you know? Dhokla is also a very healthy Indian snack! Made with besan or chickpea flour, Dhokla offers various nutrients, including iron, protein, and more.

Dhokla and tea

It is a famous evening tea partner. It refreshes one’s mind with its unique flavour and enhances the “me” time that most people express by having a cup of tea all by themselves. Try it once, and you will ditch other snacks like biscuits, samosa, and other popular tea partners. The only difference is, dhokla will be a healthier snack option as compared to any other snack.  


Dhokla as breakfast

Dhokla is filling and a healthy start to the day. Because it is prepared with help from steam, it makes for a super healthy dish. Lack of oil and other artificial flavouring agents, dhokla is light and can be eaten by anyone. If you are trying to lose weight, dhokla is one dish you can continue to eat as much as you wish! Moreover, the steaming process breaks down micro-organisms into simple particles that are easy to digest, making dhokla a safe dish for everyone.

Buy instant khaman dhokla mix online

You can prepare this healthy and yummy dish at your home and without much effort. It is like making a cake! All you need to do is grab a pack of Instant Khaman Dhokla, which you can get from Indore.online, and put on an apron to prepare it. This delightful dish from Indore will make you fall in love with dhokla all over again, and we guarantee you, it will become a part of your routine soon enough. Don’t forget to get your friends to taste it and they will remember you every time they eat dhokla.

Happy shopping!

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4 Benefits of Wheat Flour

4 Benefits of Wheat Flour

Wheat flour or atta is a staple Indian food with which popular Indian breads such as Roti and Paranthas are made. Its nutty, sweet flavour is loved by everyone who tastes it. There are many varieties of wheat or atta across the country, but a few of them are the most sought after versions. Among them, atta from Indore is one of the popular because of its unique taste and texture. Let us look into some of the benefits that wheat flour or atta offers to us.

Chawal Atta
  1. Good for people with diabetes:While most flour options contain sugar portion and hence are not deemed fit for people with diabetes. However, that’s not the case with the whole atta. Wheat flour contains a high amount of magnesium that promotes insulin function. It also has Zinc which helps control blood sugar levels.
  1. A host of minerals and vitamins:Wheat flour consists of necessary minerals and vitamins that a human body needs, such as Folic Acid, Phosphorous, Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B9, Potassium, Calcium, Vitamin A, Zinc, Iron, and a lot more.
  1. Promotes skin health:The high amount of Zinc helps nourish the skin and also repairs it. Atta also slows down the ageing process by maintaining overall skin health.
  1. Good source of protein: Atta consumed with paneer, curd or lassi is a good source of protein. Popular dishes such as paneer parantha, chick peas parantha or parantha with curd are here for a reason. So do not shy away from consuming your favourite parantha combo.

Buy atta from Indore online

Now, you can source special Indori atta straight from Indore with help from our platform – Indore.Online. Our platform offers a wide range of flour which you can use for different authentic dishes. Bati atta for making bati or bafla, Instant Missi Roti Atta, Bedmi Puri Atta, Gangwal Wheat Aatta, Chawal Atta, and more options are available. Simply place your order online and desired Atta version from Indore will be at your doorstep soon enough.

Happy shopping!

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Indore Poha Online

Three reasons why should you switch to Poha for breakfast

If you are health or diet conscious, you would understand the importance of eating a balanced breakfast. Medical experts also urge people to start their day with a healthy breakfast option that helps replenish energy levels and nutrients. Out of many options that you can try, Poha makes for an excellent breakfast option. A staple in the western parts of India, it is light, tasty and is highly nutritious. It is also believed to be a super-food in many places, and we think it’s totally true!

Poha is particularly popular in Indore, Rajasthan, and some Northern states. Indori Poha is probably the spiciest of all the variants, and hence it is a popular one too. The hint of spice in Indori Poha comes from a special spice mix called Jeeravan Masala, which is extremely popular. If you ever get a chance to try Indori Poha, we guarantee you; you will never settle for anything else for your breakfast.

Buy Indori Poha Online
  • Rich in iron – This simple looking dish can help you grab 70% of the iron requirement a day! Just one regular plate of Poha can do this wonder. A tip for better iron absorption - squeeze some lemon on Poha. It enhances the taste of the dish, but Vitamin C also helps in better iron absorption.
  • Low in calories- One regular plate of poha give you 180 calories (i.e.) 9% of the total value required in a day.
  • Ideal crabs to starts the day- Poha is a powerhouse of energy! It is made of 76% of healthy carbs and 24% of fats. It provides you with enough energy to go through your day without really worrying about putting on weight.

Are you excited to try Indori Poha?

You can buy Indori poha online! Our platform, Indore.Online, sources the best and authentic Indori Poha. And yes, if you are wondering where will you get jeeravan masala from then, we have got your back! Buy poha online along with jeeravan masala and embrace the healthy breakfast habit without any further delays.

Remember, healthy habits make healthy life!

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Ujjaini Sev

5 must-try Indori food before you die

Hey Foodies, are you enticed by the sights and smells of the humble street food then Indore is just the right place for you. This buzzing city should be named India's foodie capital as it has the power to tickle your taste buds with delicious Indori poha, moong dal papad, and kadhai jalebis. It is a heaven for vegetarian street food lovers. The city is impressive and turns into a gastronome paradise at night. It is right here that the street food is an amalgamation of cuisines from Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Here are 5 must-try Indori food before you die:

Poha with Jeeravan: This Poha is not just the ordinary one with rice flakes, but it is an extremely flavourful version that you must try out. Indori poha with Jeeravan masala tastes amazing with fennel seeds in the tempering and generous dollops of Ratlami sev namkeen, onions, and pomegranate. You can buy Indori poha online and relish the same taste in your own kitchen. 

buy poha online

Ratlami/Ujjaini Sev: This is a popular crispy and savoury dish from Ratlam in MP that is more than 136 years old. You can enjoy the dish, plain with a hot cup of tea or as a side dish. This is great for festivals, and get-togethers and almost everyone loves Ujjaini Sev. You can order Indore famous namkeen online and try this crunchy and spicy mixture.

Ratlami Sev Online

Kachori and kachri chutney: There are several must-try kachori places in Indore for those who love these spicy balls stuffed with different fillings and deep-fried. Enjoy Kachori with Kachri chutney in several different places while in the city. Chutney is made from wild berries and tastes heavenly. 

Kachri ki Chutney

Khichiya and other papads: Khichiya papad, moong dal papad, and chana dal papad are one of the most popular papads in Indore and almost everyone loves them. They are eaten as a snack or side dish along with the main meal. These papads can be stored for a long time, and they are a must-try Indori food. 

Buy Papad Online

Indori sweets - gulab jamun and jalebi: You can enjoy delicious Indori sweets like jalebi and gulab jamun. Jalebi is coil sweet crispy fried, and dipped in sugar and taste amazing with poha. Gulab Jamun is one of the most delicious sweets of Indore, and you can taste this delicacy on the stalls along Chappan Dukan. You can also order instant gulab jamun mix or instant jalebi mix online and enjoy this sweet delight anytime.

Don’t miss a visit to the Chhappan Dukan and Sarrafa Bazaar to relish these special foods from Indore. Satisfy your taste buds with the above-listed Indore street food on your next visit to the city! 

Can’t visit Indore? – no problem

Get authentic Indori snacks online from Indore.Online. The best part is we source everything from Indore, and it has a short expiry time, meaning everything you buy from us is 100% fresh! From masala to jalebi mix, ready-to-eat kachories to poha and bafla atta, you can buy anything indori from Indore.Online. 

Have fun, peeps!

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