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Thandai Powder: The Healthy Way To Make Thandai

Thandai Masala

India is a treasure trove of special spice combinations that may be used in any recipe to increase the food's nutritional and flavour value. One of the spice powder mixtures we (Indians) use to make a special cold drink called "Thandai" that is typically prepared during holidays like Holi and Maha Shivratri is known as Thandai Powder.

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What ingredients make Thandai powder?

In essence, it consists of a mix of nuts such as cashews, pistachios, almonds, melon seeds, and peppercorns for a hint of spice. Fennel seeds and rose petals enhance the scent. It has a wonderful colour thanks to saffron threads. These ingredients are combined with a few others to create a coarse powder that is subsequently utilised in numerous recipes.

The precise blend of nuts and spices in this Thandai Powder makes it suitable for use in a wide range of sweets and beverages, including cheesecakes, phirnis, and even the Thandai smoothie, the recipe of which is shared below for you to try your hands on.

Thandai Smoothie Recipe

Almonds that have been soaked, white poppy seeds, black peppercorns, cardamom, fennel seeds, and melon seeds are used to make this beverage. Melon seeds may be unfamiliar to you. Some Indians consume melon seeds in a similar way to how many Americans use sunflower seeds. Since melon seeds are small, it can be challenging to separate the kernels from them, but you can do it with tweezers.
Enjoy making this on Holi, a hot day, or whenever you choose!

4 cups of your choice of milk
15 peeled and soaked almonds,
1/4 cup coconut sugar
2 teaspoons of melon seeds (get rid of the shell)
2 tablespoons white poppy seeds
5 peppercorns of black
3 pods of cardamom (eject the seeds from the pod)
1/4 teaspoon fennel seeds
1/4 teaspoon rosewater
Crushed pistachios to garnish
Thandai Powder


1. Almonds, cantaloupe, and poppy seed kernels should all be soaked overnight.
2. Peel the almond skins and drain the nuts and seeds.
3. In a coffee or spice grinder, ground the peppercorns, cardamom, and fennel seeds. Set aside for the time being.
4. Blend 1 cup of almond milk, the peeled almonds, poppy seeds, cantaloupe kernels, coconut sugar, rosewater, and spices until very smooth in a blender.
5. Blend well after adding the remaining almond milk.
6. You can skip the above steps and just add instant Thandai Powder to milk and blend.
7. Crushed pistachios should be added as a garnish after straining the mixture through two layers of cheesecloth.

Thandai Powder
Wash and dry cantaloupe seeds to use as melon seeds. After a day or two, use tweezers or your fingers to crack open the seeds, then use the kernels in this thandai recipe. You can either buy them already shelled or omit this step if you don't want to.

What therefore accounts for Thandai's enormous popularity? One benefit is that during the sweltering heat, it's like taking a sip of "amrit" or nectar. Thandai is sweet and effective in quenching thirst. After drinking Thandai, we get a sense of relief from heat because of the name's phonetic connotations. Thandai is a unique coolant since it contains rose water, fennel, and watermelon seeds. The beverage's health advantages go far beyond its cooling effects, though.

Here are five incredible advantages of drinking Thandai in the summer:

Prevents Constipation
Poppy seeds, which are present in minute amounts in thandai, aid in preventing constipation and relieving gastrointestinal distress. In addition to being nutrient-dense, these seeds are also good providers of protein, fibre, calcium, fat, and minerals.

Treats bloating
Fennel seeds, commonly known as saunf, have a cooling effect on the body and can also relieve flatulence. Additionally, fennel has anti-inflammatory qualities that can greatly enhance digestion.

Enhances Digestion
Rose petals and fennel seeds help the body's digestion while also cooling it down. As mercury may reach amazing highs in the subcontinent throughout the summer, these two factors are crucial.

Improves Energy Level
People in India frequently feel exhausted and depleted by the summer sun. Thandai is enhanced with watermelon and pumpkin seeds to serve as a natural energizer. Additionally, the beverage frequently includes energising nuts like almonds and pistachios, which can encourage the feeling of fullness.

Increases Immunity
During the summer, adding spices to the beverage, such as peppercorn and cloves, is essential for boosting immunity.

In addition to these benefits, saffron in Thandai possesses anti-depressant and antioxidant qualities that promote general health and wellbeing. So to indulge in this tasty concoction, start making this amazing drink immediately. And if you don’t want to put so much effort, just visit the website www.indore.online and place your order for instant Thandai Powder or just click on the link- Buy Mewashri Thandai Mix Powder Online (100 gm pack - Price Rs. 60) – Indore.Online, and get your instant Thandai Mix now! Also, this refreshing drink is incomplete without pairing it with some famous Indore food such as Ratlami Sev, Ujjaini Sev, Poha Mix Sev, Double Laung Sev and many more. So, just land on the website www.indore.online and shop unlimited to satisfy your never-ending cravings.