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Breakfast In Indore With Poha And Khakhra

Breakfast In Indore With Poha And Khakhra

Maharashtra's Vada Pav and Uttar Pradesh's Bedai did not become popular as breakfast in the world as fast as Indore food, "Poha,". Indori Poha, which has made its mark in the kitchen of the house to the street shop and the restaurant's menu card, is Maharashtra's contribution to the city.  Another delectable snack famous in Indore is the khahkra which is Gujarat's contribution to the city’s cuisine.

According to an individual's preference and mood, modifications are done in Poha, making it so popular that when it comes to the taste of poha, 'Indori Poha' comes first. The best part about poha is that it is super flexible, you can add veggies or not according to your preference, and it will still be as good as the one you made differently. The same can be applied to khakhra. While khakra can be had by itself, it is often made more tasty by adding spices and chutneys.

Indore: A Pohaphillic City

Indore Poha

There is no proof of when Poha made its way to Indore city, but a real Indori cannot live without eating Poha. That is why, before sunrise, poha shops are set up, and till two o'clock at night, the crowd of poha fans keeps the shops busy. It is in Indore where jalebis are eaten along with poha and gond laddus. Here, sev-nukti, raw onion, and cumin seeds are also put in the poha, which are the ingredients that are less seen in other cities.

While Indori poha dominates the breakfast scene, the evening snack pedestal has been stolen by khakra. It is healthy and nutritious making it a go to choice for the modern age health conscious population.  Indore Online carries various types of Khakra that can be eaten plain or jazzed up. Made with whole wheat it's the healthier alternative to other deep fried tea-time snacks. 

How did Indore get its Poha Identity?

Indore's famous food, "Poha," is originally from Maharashtra. When the Holkar and Scindia dynasties expanded their rule from Maharashtra to Madhya Pradesh, poha was also introduced to the cuisine of Madhya Pradesh. Legend says that Purushottam Joshi of Raigad in Maharashtra came to Indore at his relative's place. At that time, the thought of ​​opening a Poha shop came into Joshi's mind. As soon as the Poha shop opened, the people found it so tasty that they adopted Poha as a food identity of Indore.


Given its location, Indore has seen an amalgamation of various cuisines happening within its heart. The city adopted and adapted the spices of North India along with the more delicate flavors of South India to produce an authentic cuisine which has withstood the test of time. Be prepared for an adventurous journey of flavors and tastes when you visit Indore. And in case you are unable to visit soon, get a taste of Indori food by ordering from Indore Online. It is the best place to get a taste of authentic Indori cuisine which tantalises your taste buds. Indore Online delivers every Indore-made food item, khakhra, namkeens, and other crispy items.