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3 Perfect Special Occasions To Serve Authentic Indori Namkeen

3 Perfect Special Occasions To Serve Authentic Indori Namkeen

Indori namkeens have been enchanting Indian taste buds for many years and are still one of the most popular snacking options. These snacks are usually served to guests during festivals and other special occasions to create a warm and welcoming environment.

In this blog, we will talk about different occasions where Indori namkeens are served to guests in India. We will also talk about the best Indore namkeen shop in Mumbai that will provide you with traditional and authentic Indore namkeen.

What Makes Indore Namkeen So Popular

  1. Culinary Traditions: India has a long and rich culinary tradition that has been handed down through the ages. The city's snacks, which combine time-tested traditional recipes and cooking methods, are a testament to its heritage. Indore snacks have a unique flavour profile due to the use of local ingredients and authentic spices.
  2. Flavourful Innovation: The street food scene in Indore is well known for its inventiveness and originality. Constant flavour experimentation by local sellers and chefs produces a wide variety of snacks that suit different palates.
  3. Wide Variety of Choices: There is something for everyone among the many delicacies that Indore has to offer. The variety fulfils a range of cravings and tastes, whether it's the well-known Poha Jalebi, the fiery Garadu, or a variety of namkeens like Ratlami Sev and Aloo Sev.

Celebrations and Festivals


Diwali is arguably the biggest and most popular festival in India. During these five days of Diwali, many friends and relatives visit our house. Traditionally, there were a few snacks like besan ladoo, chakli, and karanji that were prepared during the festival, but the times have changed and people have gotten busy; therefore, it may not always be possible to make snacks. Indori snacks can be a good alternative. Instead of traditional snacks, you can buy ready-made ratlami sev, teekha meetha mix, or even poha sev mix.

A bowl of Ratlami Sev with a cup of tea in background


The festival of Holi is loved by people all around India. People usually gather and play with water and colours. It is a very energetic occasion where people play music, dance, and drink. Spicy sev and Lal mirch mun fali dana are a few namkeens that can go well with the party. If you host guests during Diwali, gajak can be a great option. You can buy this patli gajak from Indore Online’s store or website. They are renowned for their Indore til gajak store in Mumbai. Along with patli gajak you can also find dry fruit kaju gajak, gond gajak barfi, chocolate gajak barfi and rajshahi gajak barfi.

A plate with indian sweet, gajak

Ganesh Chaturthi

During Ganesh Chaturthi, devotees bring an idol of Lord Ganesha to their house to bring blessings from the Elephant God. Many guests visit people who bring Ganpati Ji to their house. These guests are usually served with namkeen, some wafers, and modaks. Khatta meetha mixture or cornflakes mixture can become your namkeen options during the festival. You can buy all these Indore namkeen online from our website.

A bowl of Khatta Meetha mix

Family Get-Togethers and Events


Not exactly during weddings, but in ruler India, neighbours and relatives help with decorations and preparations before the wedding. As a gesture of gratitude for their help, they are served cold drinks and snacks. Banana chips, hara bhara mixture, and chana daal can be some of the options to serve these people. If you reside in Mumbai and search for an Indore namkeen store near me, we are THAT store. You can either visit our shop in Kandivali or check our online store to buy these products.

A bowl filled to top with hara bhara mix


Birthdays are for celebrating, and there's no better way to do so than with Indori Namkeens' delectable treats. A touch of the local flavour is added to the celebration with the delectable Sev Mixture and the fragrant Cornflakes Mixture, which become popular selections for birthday party appetisers.

Gatherings informally and social visits

Tea party

A tea party is usually an all-female gathering where they come together to have a good time along with some spicy gossip. One of the people takes the initiative to invite other women, and as the name suggests, tea is served along with some snacks. Diet mix chivda, nylon feeki sev, and hing sev are among the namkeen that can be served during the tea party. You can also give a namkeen hamper to the host during the tea party. Namkeens along with maybe famous Indori jeeravan masala can really make the host happy.

A bowl of diet mix chivda

Cricket matches

Cricket is the most important sport in India, and during major tournaments, friends and family like to watch the match together. During these gatherings, a pack of banana chips along with some spicy mix can elevate the mood to the next level.

A bowl filled with Indian snack, spicy mix


Indori Namkeens are an essential component of India's diverse culinary heritage and not merely a snack. Adding a touch of crunch and taste to every occasion, whether it's a festival, a family gathering, a business function, or a casual get-together, Indori Namkeens remain the preferred option. So, keep in mind the pleasant tradition of serving Indori Namkeens the next time you're organising a gathering or just spending a quiet evening with loved ones. Have fun snacking!

Indore online is one of the best Indore namkeen shops in Mumbai. We are known for our authentic namkeens, instant mix, gajak and instant mix. Authenticity and quality remain our top priority and we collaborate with brands that can meet these priorities. Check out our website to buy our products.