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5 Indian Snack Options To Satisfy Your Evening Cravings

5 Indian Snack Options To Satisfy Your Evening Cravings

Humans, on average, have three meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But there is another eating window, especially in many parts of India. It’s for tea and snacking, and we Indians love our chatpata namkeen. Even people who work make sure to carry a small tiffin containing some of their favourite namkeens. And in the world of Namkeen, authentic Indori Namkeen holds a special place.

In this blog, we will talk about different types of Indian snacking options to satisfy your taste buds. We will also talk about our store, Indore Online, the best place to buy authentic Indore Namkeen online in Mumbai. Let’s get started on this delicious journey.

5 Snacking Options to Buy From Indore Online

1. Sev 

Sev is among the most popular snacks in India. It can be enjoyed as it is or added to other foods to improve their taste and texture. Sevs also come in different sizes and shapes; some are thick and long, while others are thin and spicy. Here are some popular types of sev

  1. Aloo sev: It is an untraditional type of sev as it is made using potato rather than besan. However, it has the most addictive taste.
  2. Ratlami sev: Ratlami sev is one of the famous sevs from Ratlam. People enjoy the snack because it is a comfort snack that is also quite affordable.
  1. Ujjaini sev: Ujjaini sev is usually added to other recipes to enhance the flavour of other dishes.

You can buy these Indori namkeen in Mumbai from our online store. We also deliver our products in the cities of Pune and Bangalore.

2. Peanuts

In India, peanuts are loved by all. It is a tasty and affordable snacking option that is also very traditional. It is also a nutritious snack, meaning even health enthusiasts love snacking on them. While plain, salty peanuts are tasty as they are, we Indians love to spice things up, and the results are:

  1. Lal mirch mungfali dana: Lal mirch or red chilli powder adds a spicy taste to the peanuts. The spicy taste goes well with the nutty flavour of the peanuts.
  1. Kali mirch mungfali dana: The black pepper powder adds an earthy and warm taste to the peanuts .
  1. Peanut bhujia: Peanut bhujia is dipped in a batter, deep-fried, and then tossed in a spice mixture. The batter adds a crunchy texture, which is liked by many people.

These masalas add an extra layer of taste to already tasty peanuts. You can enjoy them in the afternoon with your adrak wali chai.

3. Banana Chips

Banana chips are very good to eat every day. What makes it so popular is its crunch and texture. You can find banana chips in various flavours. Some of the most popular flavours are:

  1. Banana chips, black pepper
  2. Banana chips lal mirch
  3. Salty banana chips.

4. Different Mixtures

Mixtures are popular namkeens that contain various different food components like sev, gathiya, spices, papdi, and more. You can find mixtures in a variety of flavours. This snack is for someone who loves a bomb of flavour exploding with each bite. Here are some flavours that you can buy from our Indore Namkeen online shop:

  1. Teekha mitha mix: Teekha mitha mix, as the name suggests, has a sweet and spicy taste, and it can be added to poha or misal to improve their taste.
  1. Diet mix chivda: This mix can be a go-to option for people who are health enthusiasts and take their calorie count seriously.
  1. Corn flakes mixture: This mix has sev, peanuts, and spices added to corn flakes, and it is known for its incredibly crunchy texture.
  1. Teekha mixture: This mixture is very spicy and is only for people who can handle spicy food.

Along with these items, we also sell poha mix, khatta meetha mix, and parmal bhel mixture.

5. Tea snacks

Indians love their tea, and they love the snacks that they can dip in the tea. We have a wide range of options when it comes to tea snacks. Here are a few snacks that you can enjoy with your tea:

  1. Tea break khari
  2. Cake rusk
  3. Dry fruit cookies


Snacks are very common in India, and people enjoy their snacks, especially during the evenings. If you are looking to order snacks online, you must check out Indore Online. They are one of the best online stores to buy authentic Namkeens. Along with Namkeens, you can also buy instant mixes, instant mixes, and gajak. Visit our online website to learn more about our products.