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What makes Dhokla healthy?

What makes Dhokla healthy?

Soft, fluffy, sour and sweet dhokla can make anyone drool over it! Hence, its popularity across the Northern and western states of India doesn’t come as a surprise. Originated from Gujarat, Dhokla has become a part of meals across cultures. But did you know? Dhokla is also a very healthy Indian snack! Made with besan or chickpea flour, Dhokla offers various nutrients, including iron, protein, and more.

Dhokla and tea

It is a famous evening tea partner. It refreshes one’s mind with its unique flavour and enhances the “me” time that most people express by having a cup of tea all by themselves. Try it once, and you will ditch other snacks like biscuits, samosa, and other popular tea partners. The only difference is, dhokla will be a healthier snack option as compared to any other snack.  


Dhokla as breakfast

Dhokla is filling and a healthy start to the day. Because it is prepared with help from steam, it makes for a super healthy dish. Lack of oil and other artificial flavouring agents, dhokla is light and can be eaten by anyone. If you are trying to lose weight, dhokla is one dish you can continue to eat as much as you wish! Moreover, the steaming process breaks down micro-organisms into simple particles that are easy to digest, making dhokla a safe dish for everyone.

Buy instant khaman dhokla mix online

You can prepare this healthy and yummy dish at your home and without much effort. It is like making a cake! All you need to do is grab a pack of Instant Khaman Dhokla, which you can get from Indore.online, and put on an apron to prepare it. This delightful dish from Indore will make you fall in love with dhokla all over again, and we guarantee you, it will become a part of your routine soon enough. Don’t forget to get your friends to taste it and they will remember you every time they eat dhokla.

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