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The grand launch of Pushp masala on Indore.Online

The grand launch of Pushp masala on Indore.Online

Indian kitchens are incomplete without masalas or spices. For any dish that lacks masala even a tad bit, Indians are quick to term it as “food for sick people.” We love to experiment with masalas and are open to trying different spices to engage our taste buds. The spice range from Indore is specifically popular among Indians for its unique and addictive flavour. Pushp masala from Indore is a renowned masala brand, and Indians trust the brand to uplift the soul of their dishes.


Veg Biryani Masala pushp

Indore.Online is happy to announce the availability of a range of products from Pushp Masala on its platforms. Now, anyone from across India can order the local and 100% authentic Indori masalas sitting in the comfort of their homes. Pushp Masala’s popular products such as Pushp Shahi Hing, Sabji Masala from Pushp, Lal Mirch, black pepper, Kesar or saffron, garam masala and more.


Launched with love for Indori food, Indore.Online aims to take the taste of Indore to every nook and corner of the country. It is common for Indians to fall in love with the local Indori dishes, but once they go back to their home towns or move to another city for some reason, we know how much they miss the flavour. Therefore, in the internet age, Indore.Online is a gateway for any food lover or Indori food lover to stay connected with the food they love to eat!