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Tasty Instant Upma For Breakfast

Tasty Instant Upma For Breakfast

We often think of eating healthy options for breakfast to gain momentum in the morning, but end up having options that are processed and ready-to-eat. These options are laden with preservatives and go through processing.  But we cannot highlight enough that a healthy breakfast is key to health. Managing time is another problem, as mornings are hectic. To solve all these problems once and for all, we bring you a healthy and tasty instant Upma mix.

Instant Upma Mix

How is Upma healthy?

Upma is one of the traditional breakfast options that our moms used to make for us. The original process requires roasting Rava and chopping veggies to cook it. There are reasons why our moms gave us Upma for breakfast. The primary ingredient of Upma is Rava or Sooji which is made from wheat but grainier than atta (flour) or Maida (all purpose flour). Upma has veggies in it which become sources of various vitamins. It is not deep fried but contains a small amount of oil which is good for health. GI (Glycemic Index) of Rava is low so it keeps you full longer. 

Why ready to eat Upma?

  • Time saving

We are packed from morning till night and need everything on the go, this does not allow us to indulge in one thing for long.  This instant Upma is quick to make and satiates appetite.

  • Healthy

Traditionally cooked Upma is healthy but is ready-to-eat Upma healthy as well? The answer is yes as this instant Upma does not contain too much oil. The packaging ensures the taste and quality of ingredients are well-maintained.

  • Tasty

The reason for the popularity of Upma is its taste. It is eaten in many parts of India. The taste of any food is enhanced by the look and smell, and these columns are ticked by Upma. The softness of Upma with crunchy veggies is a delightful combination.

  • Relive childhood memories

When we see a plate of Upma, we go into a surge of nostalgia about when we were kids and enjoyed healthy dishes. Relive childhood with this healthy eating option which is ready in just minutes.

  • Hygienic

This instant Upma comes in nice packaging and is done at facilities with clean surroundings. This makes it a fit-to-eat option.

  • Eat anytime

Upma is traditionally considered a breakfast item but that does not mean that it cannot be enjoyed at any other time. Eat it as a quick, light lunch or as a mid-time snack.


Upma should be a part of the diet for health-conscious people who like Indian food. It is tasty and packet Upma is a hygienic and quick option. Add as many veggies as you want or eat it plain with curry. If you want to taste the authentic taste of Indore or to order Instant Upma from brands that originated in Indore, visit Indore Online.