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Savor the Crunch: A Guide To Indori Papad Varieties

Savor the Crunch: A Guide To Indori Papad Varieties

If you are a fan of crispy, flavorful snacks, then Indori papad should definitely be on your radar! Originating from the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, India, Indori papad is renowned for its unique taste, crunchiness, and wide variety of flavors. In this blog, we will delve into the world of Indori papad and explore the different varieties that you can order online. So, get ready to indulge your taste buds and discover the irresistible charm of these delightful papads!

The Essence of Indori Papad

The essence of Indori Papad is deeply rooted in the vibrant culture and culinary heritage of Indore, a city known for its rich gastronomic traditions. Indori Papad embodies the perfect blend of flavors, textures, and aromas that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression. The secret lies in the meticulous process of crafting these thin discs of delight. The lentil flour, carefully selected spices, and unique seasoning combinations are skillfully blended to create a symphony of taste. The papads are then sun-dried, allowing them to develop a distinct crunch and a robust flavor profile. Each bite of Indori Papad is an explosion of flavors, with hints of tanginess, spiciness, and a touch of smokiness. Whether enjoyed as a standalone snack or as an accompaniment to a meal, the essence of Indori Papad elevates any dining experience and the best part is that you can easily get this papad online from the leading sellers like Indore Online. It embodies the pride, passion, and expertise of the artisans who have perfected the art of creating this culinary masterpiece over generations. Indori Papad is not just a snack; it is a representation of the culinary soul of Indore, capturing the essence of its rich heritage and enticing food culture.

Moong Dal Papad

Moong Dal Papad is a popular Indian snack that is loved for its crispiness and distinct flavor. Made from ground moong dal (split yellow lentils), this papad is a thin, round disc that is sun-dried and later fried or roasted to perfection. Moong Dal Papad offers a delightful combination of textures, with a crunchy bite on the outside and a melt-in-your-mouth experience on the inside. It is seasoned with various spices like cumin, black pepper, and salt, adding a savory and tangy taste to every bite. This versatile snack can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to meals, as a standalone snack, or even as a base for chaats (Indian street food). Moong Dal Papad is a cherished delicacy that adds a burst of flavor and crunch to any dining experience.

Chana Dal Papad

Chana Dal Papad is a beloved Indian snack that is known for its crispy texture and delectable taste. Made from ground chana dal (split Bengal gram), this papad is a thin, circular disc that is sun-dried and then fried or roasted until it becomes light and crispy. Chana Dal Papad offers a delightful combination of flavors, with a nutty and earthy taste that comes from the lentils. It is seasoned with a blend of spices such as cumin, black pepper, and asafoetida, which add a burst of aromatic flavors. This versatile snack can be enjoyed as an accompaniment to meals, as a crunchy appetizer, or as a complement to various Indian dishes. Chana Dal Papad is a cherished part of Indian cuisine, loved for its irresistible crunch and rich taste that leaves you craving for more.

Ordering Indori Papad Online

With the advent of online shopping, you can now easily explore and order Indori papad from the comfort of your home. Indore Online offers a wide selection of Indori papad varieties, ensuring that you have access to authentic flavors and high-quality snacks. Simply browse through their website, select your desired papad varieties, and place your order. It's a convenient and hassle-free way to order snacks online and satisfy your cravings for these delightful snacks.

The Perfect Snack Companion

Indori papad is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways. Here are a few ideas to enhance your snacking experience:

  • Serve them as an accompaniment to your meals, alongside dal, curry, or rice dishes.
  • Crush and sprinkle them over salads to add a crispy texture and a burst of flavor.
  • Create delicious chaat by topping papads with yogurt, chutneys, onions, and spices.
  • Pair them with your favorite dips, such as mint chutney or tangy tamarind chutney, for a delightful snack.


In conclusion, exploring the world of Indori papad varieties is a delightful culinary adventure that brings a burst of flavors and textures to your plate. From the fiery Punjabi papad to the aromatic masala papad and the mouthwatering moong papad, each variety offers a unique experience for your taste buds. Whether you're a fan of traditional recipes or looking to try something new, the diverse range of papad online at the Indore Online’s website, the most reputed online namkeen store, allows you to indulge in these crispy delights from the comfort of your home. So, why wait? Embark on a papad-tasting journey and savor the satisfying crunch of these delectable treats by ordering your favorite papad online today.
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Fantastic Tips For Making Papad Taste Great

Fantastic Tips For Making Papad Taste Great

Papad, also known as poppadoms, is a popular Indian snack made from lentil flour or chickpea flour. It is a crispy, thin, and crunchy disc-shaped flatbread that is typically served as an appetizer or side dish with Indian meals. Papads are a versatile food that can be eaten plain or seasoned with spices and herbs to enhance their flavor. In this blog post, we'll share some fantastic tips for making papad taste great and how to make it even better.

Roast them on an open flame

One of the most popular ways to cook papad is by roasting them on an open flame. You can do this by holding the papad with tongs over a gas stove flame or on a hot griddle. Roasting the papad gives it a smoky flavor and makes it extra crispy.

Season with spices and herbs

You can enhance the flavor of papad by seasoning it with a variety of spices and herbs. Some popular options include cumin powder, chili powder, garlic powder, turmeric, coriander powder, and black pepper. You can also add fresh herbs like cilantro or mint for a fresh and flavorful twist.

Serve with chutneys and dips

Papad tastes even better when paired with delicious chutneys and dips. Tamarind chutney, mint chutney, and tomato chutney are popular choices. You can also serve chana dal papad with yogurt dip or raita for a creamy and refreshing accompaniment.

Stuff with fillings

Another way to make papad taste even better is by stuffing it with fillings. You can fill moong dal papad with a variety of ingredients like cheese, vegetables, or meats. Some popular options include paneer, spiced potatoes, or chicken tikka.

Fry them for a crispy texture

If you're looking for a different way to cook papad, try frying them. Frying papad gives it a crispy and crunchy texture that is irresistible. Simply heat up some oil in a deep frying pan and fry the papad until it's golden brown.

Experiment with different varieties

There are many different types of papad available at Indore Online, so don't be afraid to experiment with different varieties. Some popular options include urad dal papad, moong dal papad, chana dal papad, Sada papad, Khatta Mitha chana papad, Rice Khichiya Papad, Makka Khichiya Papad and masala papad. Each variety has a unique taste and texture that can add some variety to your meal.

In conclusion, papad is a delicious and versatile snack that can be enjoyed in many ways. By following these fantastic tips and experimenting with different varieties, you can make papad taste even better. Whether you roast it, season it with spices and herbs, stuff it with fillings, or fry it for a crispy texture, there's no wrong way to enjoy papad.

Buying Papad Online

Buying papad online is a convenient way to satisfy your cravings for this crispy and delicious Indian snack. Nowadays, many online grocery stores offer a wide variety of papads from different regions of India, including masala papad, urad dal papad, moong dal papad, and more. Shopping for papads online from the Indore Online website not only saves you the hassle of going to a physical store but also allows you to explore and try different types of papad that you may not find in your local grocery store. Additionally, it is a one stop shop for all types of Indore famous food. Plus, you can compare prices and read reviews to make an informed decision before making a purchase. So next time you're in the mood for some crispy papad, try buying it from Indore Online for a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience.
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Masala Papad: A Popular Starter

Masala Papad: A Popular Starter

Masala papad is vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free Indian food. It can be prepared in under 15 minutes and is a wonderful addition to the party menu or a light snack before the main course. You can eat these delectable masala papads as an appetiser, an evening snack with a cup of masala chai, or a starter. This is one of the most popular starters to eat in Indian restaurants while you wait for your main course.

Planning a house party? Then, serving these masala papads to guests as an appetiser is a terrific idea. Allow your guests to assemble the masala papad by setting out all the ingredients like chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, salt, etc., on the table. Everyone can personalise theirs in this way to fit their preferences.

Either roasted or deep-fried papads could be used to make these masala papads. An onion-tomato combination with spices is placed on top of the cooked papads. This is more of a method for preparing the papad and putting the Punjabi masala papad together than a recipe. You are welcome to experiment with the ingredients to find the perfect combination for you.

Although there are many different kinds of papad, urad dal papad pairs best with masala papad. Papads are a time-consuming and difficult process to make from scratch; therefore, it is suggested that you buy them from Indore Online. It takes only a few minutes to prepare masala papad using store-bought raw papad.

Recipe of Punjabi masala papad

Ingredients To Make Punjabi Masala Papad

  • Papad: Use cumin papad or black pepper papad according to taste.
  • Vegetables: onion, tomato, fresh coriander, and lemon.
  • Roasted cumin powder, chat masala, chilli powder, and salt are the spices and oils used to season masala papad.
  • Oil to fry the papad.


  1. Heat oil in a kadai.
  2. Fry the papad for a few seconds after the oil is hot, or until it puffs up and rises to the top.
  3. After a few seconds, flip it over and fry the other side.
  4. Remove it and set it on a kitchen towel to soak up any extra oil.
  5. Fry the remaining papads using the same procedure.
  6. The onion, tomato, salt, cumin powder, chilli powder, and coriander leaves should all be added to a bowl.
  7. With a spoon, thoroughly blend all the ingredients.
  8. Place the papads on separate plates. Spread the prepared onion-tomato mixture evenly over the papad.
  9. On each papad, smear a little chaat masala and lemon juice.
  10. Enjoy the mouthwatering Punjabi masala papad immediately.

Pro Tips

  • Use a big kadai since the papad requires room to grow while it is fried. If you are using a tiny kadai and do not want to add more oil, you may also cut each poppadom in half or quarters and fry it.
  • Take care not to let the papad burn by removing it as soon as it turns brown.

How do you microwave papads?

Cook one papad in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds on high. Cook the papad for an additional 20–30 seconds on the other side. This way, you get healthy, oil-free, and crispy papads. Depending on the microwave's power, the cooking time may change.

Variations to try in Masala Papad

  • For more flavour and nutrients, try adding grated carrot and deseeded, finely diced cucumber. It's a terrific method to get children to eat more vegetables.
  • Red chilli powder can be replaced with finely chopped green chilli peppers.

Important Tips

  • Serve the masala papads right away. Due to moisture from the vegetables, letting it sit for a longer period of time would cause the papad to get soggy.
  • To preserve the onion-tomato mixture's freshness for longer, deseed the tomatoes.
  • If you intend to prepare the onion-tomato mixture ahead of time, do not salt it. due to the onion losing its crispness and releasing moisture as a result.
  • Instead, it is advised to keep the chopped vegetables separate in the refrigerator until it is time to serve in order to preserve their freshness. Just before serving the masala papad, add salt and spices.

Masala papad will be even tastier if the papad used to make it is fresh and free from any additives. Visit https://www.indore.online/ to order papad online that is fresh and made the right way. And the best part is that you get the proper Punjabi Masala Papad to try this specific recipe. At Indore Online, you can get a variety of papads like Makka Khichiya Papad, Moong Papad, Chana Dal Papad, Jowar Khichiya Papad, Rice Khichiya Papad, and even Indore’s special Khatta Mitha Chana Papad. Visit the website now and order these freshly packed papads from the comfort of your home.

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How To Make Papad, The Indian Snack That Is Quick And Healthy

How To Make Papad, The Indian Snack That Is Quick And Healthy

The papad is one of those foods that is both common and distinctive. It is a condiment that takes on many shapes depending on where it hails from. They have an appealing aspect that can make them mood boosters instantaneously and are known by numerous names such as papad, poppadom, happala, and appalams. The Indore Online Store delivers the most swoon worthy and crunchy Papad in a variety of textures and sizes like mini papad, big papads, roasted papad, khakra and many more.                                    

Papad is an integral aspect of Indian cuisine, providing the right crunch and serving as a side dish to any meal. Papads are commonly purchased at the market. What you don't realise is that you can get it delivered to your doorsteps now. The Indore Online Store handpicks the best Papad for you and makes sure it reaches you in time for you to experience the best, crunchy and flavory Papad. Ordering from the online store does not only save your time but is also pocket friendly. The Indore Online Store serves and delivers the best variety of Papad at affordable prices.

You can also prepare the Papad at home by yourself. Urad dal papads require a simple kneading method. Urad flour and masalas are kneaded to perfection. Urad dal papad is a popular vegetarian side dish in India. In fact, papads are a popular protein-packed snack all throughout the world.

Ingredients for making Papad

  • Black Gram Flour - 2 cup (300 grams)
  • Cumin Seeds - 1 tsp
  • Black Pepper - 1.5 tsp, finely crushed
  • Salt - ¾ tsp
  • Papad Khar - 2 tsp

Making Dough for Pappad                                      

  • Filter 2 cups of urad dal flour through a sieve into a bowl. Then stir in 1 teaspoon cumin and 1.5 teaspoon coarsely powdered black pepper.
  • Now, add ¾ teaspoon salt and 2 teaspoon papad khar in 34 cup lukewarm water. As you create the dough for the poori, knead the stiff dough by gradually adding this water.
  • After kneading, take a small amount of ghee in your hand and lightly mash it. Cover it and leave it for 30 minutes.

Making the papad

Making papad

  • When the timer goes off, take a small amount of ghee in your hand and mash it for 2 minutes. Divide the dough into two halves and cover one. Soften half of the portion by twisting and turning for 5-6 minutes. Make it soft by pulling it with your hands after kneading.
  • Then roll some ghee in your hand. Cut it in half, then roll it into little equal balls. After cutting the balls, brush them with ghee to prevent them from sticking together. Roll and cut the remaining dough into balls in the same manner. Always keep them covered.
  • Take a ball and roll it thinly in urad dal dry flour. You can make it as large or as small as you wish. Place all of the papads on a dish and roll them in the same way. After rolling the papad, dry it individually on a cloth. For 15 to 20 minutes, air must be applied from both sides. After getting air in both directions, combine them and store them in the container.
  • Then, dry them for 15-20 minutes on both sides in the sun. Spread the fabric out and arrange them on it; once done, store them in a container and consume them for a year. The papads will be prepared in this manner.

Frying the Papad

  • Heat the oil in a pan, then add the papads and fry them. Roast it from both sides, then fry the rest in the same manner.
  • If you don't want to eat greased papad, you can roast it on the stovetop by turning it over.
  • Also, brush some oil on the papad before placing it in the microwave to roast. Bake for 30 seconds, then flip and cook for another 30 seconds.

In this way, you can enjoy the taste of papad by roasting it in a pan, on the stove, or in the microwave.

Final thoughts

In a majority of Indian households, papad has always come to the rescue when we need a side dish for lunch or a snack for evening tea. It is, however, a taxing process to prepare the Papad at home by yourself. You now have the alternative to get Papad, fresh, out of the oven, with all the ingredients and just the right amount of spices from Indore Online Store. With the delivery option of the Indore Online Store, you will get to spend some quality time with your friends and family with the delectable snack.





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Papad Recipe In Punjabi Style

Papad Recipe In Punjabi Style

Papads are thin, crunchy, and crispy waffles that go well with any Indian dish. Papad is an essential side dish of Indian cuisine. It transcends regional boundaries and is present in a variety of forms like roasted, fried or in a gravy on our plates. Initially, papads were made at home in a time-consuming and labour-intensive manner.

Today, almost every woman has resorted to buying papad packets from the store, frying them in hot oil, and savouring every last bite. It also makes sense when you purchase papad from reliable and renowned brands such as Indore Online, which has all homemade flavours with no artificial preservatives. Most of us buy papads at the market; the only thing people are unaware of is that they can easily buy papads online.

Interesting Papad Recipes

No matter the type of papad you prefer, you can take it to the next level, by creating some mouth-watering recipes with them. Here we highlight 3 such recipes -

  1. Punjabi Masala Papad:

Whenever there is a chance to eat in a hotel or restaurant, most people order masala papad with the main course. Even so, why not try preparing Punjabi Masala Papad to enhance the flavour of any dish even more? So, Let's see how to make Punjabi Masala Papad at home.  

Papad Recipe


  • Add chopped onion, tomatoes, green peppers, salt, and fresh cilantro to a mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly and set aside. This mixture is referred to as the masala papad topping. Heat enough oil in a large pan.
  • Ready to fry the papad. Papad should not be folded or twisted while deep-fried.
  • Remove fried papad and place on tissue paper.
  • For the topping of the papad, add some chaat masala and red chili powder.
  • Now cover the masala papad with the tomato and onion topping.
  • Add some chaat masala to the topping. Lastly, garnish with sev and serve immediately.
  1. Roasted Papad Chaat:


  • Dry roast some papad. Any flavour works.
  • Crush your papads and mix them with boiled and cubed potatoes, tomatoes, onions, chopped chilli and coriander leaves.
  • Drizzle with tamarind and mint chutney.
  • Mix well.
  • Your roasted papad chaat is ready.
  • Serve with a garnish of sev, and chopped coriander.
  • You can also add roasted nuts, pomegranate, slivers of coconut and sev to the mixture to make it more tantalising to the taste buds. 
  1. Papad ki sabzi:

This is a staple in Rajasthani households and produces an aromatic curry where fried papad is cooked with various spices.


  • Fry your papads.
  • Temper your oil with cumin seeds and asafoetida.
  • Add garlic- ginger paste and fry for 2 mins before adding in tomato puree.
  • Once the oil separates, add turmeric, jeera powder, salt and sugar to taste and cook on low heat for 5 minutes.
  • Now add whisked yogurt and simmer the curry.
  • Add your fried crushed papads and cover and cook.
  • Sprinkle it with kasoori methi and serve hot with roti or rice. 

You can also make the Bengali Papad er dalna which is similar to the Rajasthani Papad ki sabzi. Only it does not use yogurt.


Main courses and papads go hand in hand. Whether you're a picky eater who only enjoys urad dal ki papad or an adventurous one who wants to try new unique papads, Indoor Online is full of namkeen, papad, and other snacks perfect for lunch and tea time. Don't miss the opportunity to soothe your taste buds by purchasing authentic papads online from Mumbai or any other part of India.

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Interesting Variants of Papad One Must Try

Interesting Variants of Papad One Must Try

It is not required to explain India's passion for papad. Whatever name you like to use, papad, poppadum, happalas, or appalams, they have always been a standard side dish for our meals in most regional cuisines. Any meal can be improved with these wonderfully thin, disc-shaped sundried wafers. They can be made from a variety of pulses and flours, such as rice, ragi, or millet, and come in both spiced and unspiced varieties. A number of ingredients, including onions, tomatoes, chilies, chaat masala, and fresh coriander leaves, are combined and used as a topping for papad in the popular Indian snack known as Punjabi Masala Papad. It is also used in various cuisines to prepare a curry, such as the well-known Rajasthani Papad ki Sabzi.

Papads were traditionally prepared at home by the women of the household, who would gather to slice, peel, and sun-dry these crispy treats as part of a ritual. Although it might appear simple, the correct proportions of various combinations is important and it must be rolled as thinly as possible to obtain the ideal thin texture. They are then carefully stored in airtight containers after drying them in the sun. They can be fried or roasted right before serving. The most popular papads are those cooked with urad dal or moong dal, although there are many more variations as well.

Here are 10 delicious varieties of papad for you to try

Aloo ka Papad
These thin discs, which are well-known throughout Punjab, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh, are made from mashed and boiled potatoes and salt. Another well-liked snack served during Holi is aloo ka papad.

Moong Dal Papad
These papads are prepared by using split skinless moong dal & split skinless urad dal. Other ingredients required are hing, salt, black peppercorns and oil. ¾ cup water is added in a non-stick pan, to which papad khar, salt and asafoetida, are added and brought to a boil. After letting it cool down, green gram flour, black gram flour and coarsely crushed peppercorns are mixed in a bowl and kneaded by adding papad khar water and oil to a stiff dough. In the next step, some more oil is added and pounded for 6-8 minutes. After stretching the dough with hands, it is divided into equal portions, covered with a muslin cloth and set aside for 2-3 hours. The portions are rolled out into thin papads by dusting them with some black gram flour and are spread on a sheet and sundried by turning sides for 2 days. They can then be roasted and served. To minimise your efforts in making moong dal papad, you can simply order it from Indore Online or just by clicking on the link- Indore famous Moong Dal Papad.

Kali Mirch Papad
The Kali Mirch Papad would be the ideal crispy delight for you if you enjoy the spiciness and pungent taste of black pepper. The Punjabi Masala Papad with tomato, onion, and chaat masala on top is the dish that is cooked with it!

Bajra Papad
Gujarati people love this crunchy treat, which is made from healthy bajra flour and salt.

Nachni Papad
The goodness of ragi flour is used to make Nachni Papad, or Nagli Papad, a well-known Maharashtrian treat. This papad stands out from the others because of its dark brown colour and somewhat more coarse texture.

Garlic Papad
A dal papad with a strong garlic flavour. Once you take a piece of this crunchy delight, you won't be able to put it down. Garlic papad is a common dish in Gujarat, Maharastra, and Madhya Pradesh. It also has a spicy flavour.

South Indian Rice Papad
This is a traditional South Indian dish that is frequently served with rice, sambar, and pickles. The batter is prepared with rice, salt, and additional ingredients like soaking sabudana pearls and some masala.

Khichiya Papad
Rice papads are referred to as Khichiya Papads in Gujarat. Papad is frequently eaten with curries or by itself with copious amounts of ghee.

Hing Papad
One of the variations of the country's western belt is the Hing Papad. It is a treat when eaten with plain dal and rice because of its distinctive flavour and scent.

Sabudana Papad
Tiny white sabudana or tapioca pearls are used everywhere. Particularly during festive occasions and fasts like the Navratris, people adore this papad.

Summing it up
So, why are you holding on? You can start munching right away now that you have the round up. You can order fresh and authentic papads from Indore Online. Papad varieties they have are Chana Papad, Moong Papad, Indori Sada Papad, Punjabi Masala Papad, and Khatta Mitha Chana Papad. You can also order ready-made Moong Papad atta if you want to make them on your own. Also if you are looking for “indori namkeen near me”, your search ends at www.indore.online. They have a rich collection of a variety of namkeens that are authentic and free of preservatives. You can even order poha online as they offer instant indori poha mix, that you can relish without putting in much time to cook. Their other famous instant mixes are Instant Idli Mix, Instant Upma Mix, Instant Dahi Wada Mix, Instant Khaman Mix, Instant Jalebi Mix and many more. They also offer a variety of unique masalas like Indori Jeeravan Masala, Chai Masala, Doodh Masala and other important masalas. So, just land on the website and place an order for all your favorite foods.
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6 Types of Papads You Should Try

6 Types of Papads You Should Try

Whether it is your soothing moong dal khichadi or a plate of spicy biryani, having crunchy, delicious papad by the side makes any meal wholesome. Papad or pappadam is India's favourite namkeen when it comes to traditional meals. It doesn’t just taste good with rice dishes but also with rajma, chhole, and the like.

There are varieties of papads available in India made with different flours and flavours. There’s just no limit when it comes to flavours. When thinking of buying papad online, we totally recommend trying out these papads that are made using different flours. So keep your plate of rajma chawal ready and finish it with these tasty papad variants!

Chana Dal Papad

6 Types of Papads You Should Try 

  1. Rice Papad

A savoury delicacy in South Indian homes, this is a standard supplement with rice, sambhar and pickle. The rice papad is made using rice and salt. Some homes also add soaked sabudana and homemade masala for additional flavourings.

  1. Ragi Papad

A popular Maharashtrian meal accompaniment is the ragi or the nachani papad. It is made using healthy ragi flour. Its rich brown colour and coarse texture make it stand out from other papad variants. Another healthy option for fitness freaks is moong dal papad.

  1. Sabudana Papad

A favourite snack item during fasts, sabudana papad is often eaten during Navratri fasts or other fasts across India. It has a slight flavour of jeera, salt, and ghee that make this papad tasty and crunchy!

  1. Aloo Papad

Made using boiled, mashed potatoes and salt, aloo papad is famous across the northern Indian states such as Punjab, Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Aloo ka papad is also a common snack eaten during Holi.

  1. Chana Dal Papad

Chana papad or chana dal papad is a conventional spicy papad made from flour and chana dal. It tastes delicious with rice items or traditional curries such as sambhar, kadhi, rassam, etc.

  1. Khichiya Papad

Khichu is a dough made from rice flour, salt, and cumin seeds. The papad made from this dough is known as Khichiya papad. It is an integral part of Gujarati cuisine and is rare to find in other parts of the country. Buy khichiya papad variants like Makka Khichiya, Rice Khichiya, Wheat Khichiya and Jwar Khichiya papad online on Indore.online.

Looking to buy papad online? Check out Indore.online for a range of crunchy papads such as moong dal papad, chana dal papad and other namkeen items like Ratlami sev, teekha bundi, lal mirch mungfali dana, etc.  If you have a sweet tooth, there are plenty Indian sweets such Basundi mix, Jalebi mix, shakar para, etc. Check out Indore.online and dive into a world of namkeen and sweets, all manufactured by well-known manufacturers from India!

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