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The Peanut Gajak - Winter Sweetness Unleashed

The Peanut Gajak - Winter Sweetness Unleashed

Peanut gajak is a traditional Indian sweet made with jaggery and nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc. In its basic form, peanut gajak is made with dry ingredients such as peanuts, jaggery, sugar, and liquid glucose. The coconut oil, or ghee, is used to roast the jaggery to give it a nice aroma and taste. Roasting enhances the flavour of the jaggery and enhances the taste of the peanut gajak.

Peanut gajak is a healthy snack for diabetic patients since it is a good source of protein and low in carbs. It should not be confused with til gajak which is made with sesame seeds.  It's an easy snack to make and tastes delicious when served hot. You can try making peanut gajak for yourself at home and see how tasty it can be!

Reasons you’ll love Peanut gajak 

Peanut gajak is a delicious, mouthwatering treat that is loved by everyone. Made with peanut, jaggery, sugar, liquid glucose and edible oils, it is a simple yet delicious recipe. Peanut gajak is consumed during the winter months and is associated with the lohri and makar sankranti festivals. It's crisp and tangy taste makes it a perfect energy booster snack. Besides, it's also a kid-friendly recipe that can be made at home for friends and family. You can make different varieties such as gajak chomps, gud chikkis, jaggery peels, sesame sticks etc. It's a treat you cannot miss out on!

Ingredients for Peanut gajak

Peanut gajak is a delicious Indian snack made of raw peanuts, jaggery, sugar, and liquid glucose. While it is easy to make, you need to follow the recipe carefully. Raw peanuts are the best option for this recipe as they provide the desired texture and crunch factor. Other ingredients include jaggery, which is used to sweeten the gajak.

Peanuts are considered a healthy snack for diabetic patients since they are a good source of protein and low in carbs. They can be enjoyed as snacks or added to various dishes for added flavor and nutritional value. Also, gajak is an amazing treat during the winter season because it's so light and crispy on the outside but so creamy and warm on the inside. If you're looking for a delicious Indian treat, try peanut gajak!

How to make Peanut Gajak

  1. Roast peanuts on a low heat until they are light brown and toasty, which takes around 7-8 minutes.
  2. Once the peanuts have begun to turn golden, add the jaggery syrup and mix well. This will determine the texture of your gajak.
  3. Don't stir too much as it may cause the mixture to become grainy.
  4. Once the jaggery syrup has reached the hard ball stage, add the roasted peanuts and mix until all the nuts are coated with the syrup.
  5. Spread the peanut mixture to a greasy flat plate and roll with a rolling pin to 1/4" thickness using a wooden pin.
  6. Cut gajak pieces with a sharp knife into squares and enjoy!

Jaggery syrup

Peanut gajak is a delicious Indian dessert made using jaggery syrup and roasted peanuts. The correct consistency of the jaggery syrup is crucial for the recipe to turn out perfectly. To check the consistency, you can either drop it in cold water or use a digital thermometer. Once the jaggery syrup reaches the hard ball stage at 265°F, it should be mixed with the roasted peanuts. 

More about gajak

It is believed that gajak originated in Morena, near Agra, but is widely available in cities such as Indore, Meerut, Agra, and Delhi. It is made during the winter months and eaten due to its combination of jaggery and peanuts, which produce heat in the body. The other gajak varieties available on Indore Online include Gud Mawa Roll Gajak, Chocolate Gajak, Dry Fruit Kaju Gajak, Gond Gajak, Chocolate Gajak, Gajak Puff, and Cranberry Gajak. Peanut gajak can be bought in a variety of sizes, such as 400 gms and 800 gms. If you're looking to try this delicious treat with its authentic taste and flavour, you can simply order it from Indore Online.

Similar festive Indian treats that you should try

If you want to try some delicious Indian snacks, look no further than the famous online namkeen store, Indore Online. Ratlami Sev Indore is a crispy, crunchy, and lip-smackingly delicious snack that is mostly enjoyed with tea or coffee. Other interesting snacks include Shahi Lajawab Mixture, Dal Moth, Khatta Meetha Mixture, Tea Break Khari, Methi Mathri, and many more. These delicacies are perfect for any occasion, from celebrations to snacks at home. Whether you're a fan of spicy or sweet treats, there's something in this store for you. So, why wait? Order snacks online from their website and satiate your cravings.
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Different Poha Recipes To Try For Breakfast

Different Poha Recipes To Try For Breakfast

Nothing beats the delicately steamed, fragrant poha, a breakfast core element in many parts of India, when it comes to breakfast. It is a dish that comes together quickly and doesn't need a lot of complicated ingredients. Poha, which is simply flattened rice, is typically consumed without any accompanying foods, but it can also be topped with grated coconut, lemon juice, raw onions, sev, and cashews.

Different poha recipes to try for breakfast

Kanda Poha: The onions that are added to the dish after being lightly sautéed give it its texture, flavour, and name in Maharashtra and Gujarat. For added flavour, coriander leaves and grated coconut are sprinkled on top.

Indori Poha: The poha is given a special jeeravan masala addition that gives it a sweet and sour flavour. You can order instant Indori poha online from Indore Online’s website. And to add more jeeravan masala for extra flavour, order authentic jeeravan masala online. Traditional accompaniments include hot jalebis and salty namkeen.

Karwar Style Poha: Karwar, a region along the coast of Karnataka and Maharashtra, is renowned for its spicy and homely food. Fresh coconut, which is widely available in this region, dominates the dishes. Additionally, cashews are added to the poha to give it a crunchy texture.

Chivda: This poha is a roasted, dry variation known as farsan. In Gujarat and Maharashtra, poha chivda is a well-liked afternoon snack. Poha, dry fruits, peanuts, and spices are used to make it. To get the best flavour, order poha online from Indore Online.

Dahi Poha: A quick and simple dish that only needs the most basic ingredients, including poha, curd, chillies, and ginger, and takes less than fifteen minutes to prepare. This dish is a great digestive and is very cooling on a hot summer day.

Goan Poha: Goan poha is a peculiar milk and curd dish. This poha has a slightly sweeter flavour than the other pohas, which are all savoury dishes. This dish tastes great either on its own or with some hot masala tea, thanks to the sweetness of the sugar and cardamom flavour.

Matar Poha: A filling and flavorful dish that can be prepared for breakfast or as a snack in the middle of the day. Due to their widespread availability, peas are a wintertime specialty. But don't worry, you can use frozen peas to make this recipe all year long!

Aval Poha: Aval Poha is the name for poha in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala. It's a quick and simple breakfast recipe that shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes to prepare. It's said to be energising. The poha's crunchy texture comes from the addition of cashews and peanuts.

Poha Online at Best Price in India

If you’re looking for a healthy snack that is easy to prepare, poha is the answer. This nutritious snack can be made in a variety of ways and has a unique, tasty flavor. It can be served as a snack, breakfast, or even as a side dish. You can buy poha online from Indore Online with certified brands at the best poha price in the market. The popular brands include Hasty Tasty Poha Gold, Agrawal 420 Poha, and Gangwal Poha. These products have been designed to provide nutrition and good taste. They are perfect for weight management, and they make great snacks for kids too. 

We’re happy to connect with you!

We are a famous Indore namkeen shop in Mumbai, and also a leading online nutrition company based in India. We provide a wide range of healthy, certified food products, such as poha, that are easy and convenient to use. Customers can get started by browsing our website, for exclusive offers and updates on new products and sales, or by directly ordering through our website. Indore Online is committed to helping customers shop better by providing high-quality, certified food products at affordable prices.


There is no doubt that poha is a healthy, nutritious, and popular breakfast option. You can easily incorporate poha into your daily meal plan by utilizing the myriad benefits of this versatile breakfast dish. No matter how you like it, poha is loved by everyone. It is easy to prepare and has a shelf life of up to one year when stored properly. As an added benefit, poha bought from Indore Online is free from artificial additives and preservatives. Besides being tasty and filling, it promotes weight loss by reducing cravings for greasy or sugary meals.

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Add A Spicy Twist To Your Meals With Amla Pickle!

Add A Spicy Twist To Your Meals With Amla Pickle!

Arguably, pickles have a special place in the hearts of people. Whether it’s a snack or a side dish, pickles are a delicious and nutritious option. But what exactly is a pickle, and how can you make your own at home?
In this blog, we’re covering everything you need to know about pickling amla—the perfect way to get the goodness of amla and achar into your meals. Let’s get into it!

About Amla Pickle

Amla pickle is a traditional Indian dish made with gooseberries, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, salt, and water. It is a rich source of vitamin C and fibre and has several health benefits. Amla pickle can help fight cancer, balance your thyroid, and help you stay lean and healthy. In particular, amla pickle has excellent anti-aging properties as it contains compounds called ellagitannins that can help slow down the signs of aging. These compounds are found in high concentrations in amla's seeds and pulp. So if you’re looking to add a tasty twist to your meals, try the amla pickle! You won't regret it!

How to make Amla achar

To make amla pickle, amla must be boiled in water until it is soft. Once amla is soft, the seeds and flesh can be easily separated from the seeds. To make amla pickle, you'll need to remove the seeds and cut the amla into small pieces. Then, add a pinch of salt and turmeric, as well as oil and red chili powder for flavor. To get the most out of the spices, order them from Indore Online under the Pushp Masala brand. After mixing the ingredients, spoon the pickle into a sterilized glass jar and cover it with a lid. You can leave this pickle to mature in a cool place for a few weeks or months before using it. When ready to use, simply mix in lemon juice to help preserve its color and flavor. This delicious pickle recipe is a tasty way to add some vitamin C and nutrients to your meals.

Temper Amla Pickle

Amla pickle is a delicious recipe that can be prepared easily at home and is a great addition to a variety of dishes. To temper amla pickle, you will need to add sesame oil and asafoetida (also known as hing) to the jar. For the best quality hing, order Pushp Shahi Hing from Indore Online under the Pushp Masala brand. The oil should be heated on a low flame and cooled at room temperature before adding to the pickle jar. The pickle should be left to mature for 3-4 days in a dry place before being eaten. Finally, boiled amla should be strained and dried, and other spices such as jeera, methi, saunf, mustard seeds, and red chillies should be ground coarsely. This recipe will give you a delicious amla pickle that can be enjoyed every day.

Indian Gooseberry Uses

Amla (Indian gooseberry) is a nutritious and versatile fruit. It is a popular fruit in Indian cuisine, and it is a part of a popular pickle, "Aanwale ka achar," which also includes turmeric, mustard oil, red chili powder, coriander powder, cumin, carom seeds, fenugreek, nigella seeds, fennel seeds, black cumin seeds, asafoetida, amchoor, black salt, and salt. Amla pickle is a great homemade pickle option for anyone looking for a healthy and flavorful pickle recipe. Besides the amla pickle recipe, amla fruits can also be used to make juice or jam.

Homemade amla pickle tastes better than the store-bought variety. You can directly order Amla achar masala from Indore Online to get the true authentic flavor and ease the preparation. This amla pickle recipe is a bright and tasty accompaniment for any meal. You can try it as a pickle with snacks like takruri or paratha as well as Indian specialties like dal makhni or adrak kadhi. There are other interesting varieties of Pushp Achar Masala available on our website that you should definitely try.

Expert Tips

  • To make amla achar, you must follow a few important steps. Soak amla in room temperature water for at least 4 to 6 hours or overnight. Rinse amla thoroughly and add it to boiling water along with salt and turmeric powder. The amlas should be boiled until they are soft and mushy inside.
  • The amla achar can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 days or can be canned in an airtight container for longer storage time of up to 2 weeks.
  • Boil amla before using it for Amla Achar to reduce cooking time and oil usage.
  • Make sure to pat dry amla after boiling.
  • Transfer Amla Achar to a container with a lid and cool off before storing.


Amla pickle is a great pickle recipe to try at home. It can be made easily, and even a beginner can make it easily. It’s a pickle that you can make in less than 15 minutes, and you can store it for a week or two in the refrigerator. If you like pickles, this recipe will definitely win your heart! So, go ahead and try this pickle recipe with the Amla Achar Masala from Indore Online that’s sure to amaze your family and friends. Browse our website for other interesting masalas like Poha Masala, Pani Puri Masala, Nimbu Achar Masala, Chai Masala, Doodh Masala, Jeeravan Masala, Chaat Masala, Premium Garam Masala, and many more.

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Your Ultimate Healthy Snack Shopping Destination Just Got Better!

Your Ultimate Healthy Snack Shopping Destination Just Got Better!

Finding snack foods online is now as easy as ordering food. Gone are the days when you had to look for physical stores that sold snacks. Snack lovers can now eat their favorite snacks whenever and wherever they want, thanks to online retailers. From grab-and-go snacks to healthy alternatives, there’s something for everyone with every preference out there.

If you’re a snack enthusiast looking to slim down your diet and boost your nutrition intake, read on. In this blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about healthy snacks on the internet. We’ll tell you where you can order snacks online without compromising on taste or quality. Whether you’re trying to cut down on your calorie intake or just want healthier options, at Indore Online, we have the perfect solution for you: an extensive list of snack options with nutritional information and other details about them. Let’s get into it!

Wide varieties of snacks online

If you want to buy healthy snacks, there is no better place than Indore Online. This online store offers a wide variety of snacks and gourmet products for consumers to choose from. Customers can find a wide range of options, including many varieties of freshly packed khakhra, a wide range of instant mixes such as Hasty Tasty Poha Gold, Bedmi Poori Mix, healthy versions of rusk, and a variety of namkeens like Ratlami Sev, Jiravan Sev, Barik Sev, and Ujjaini Sev online. With years of experience in the food business, Indore Online has also come up with new and delicious recipes that are sure to make its customers happy.

With great quality and variety, it is no wonder that Indore Online has been recognized as a trusted brand by many customers.

Healthy alternative snacks

Snacking can be a way to relax and unwind, but it's important to choose healthy snacks that provide essential nutrients. Carrying healthy snacks can help prevent you from giving in to the temptation of unhealthy snacks and keep you energized and satisfied throughout the day. As an example, consider carrying foods like nutty gajaks, healthy rusks, different types of Khakhra, and healthy namkeens as snacks to help keep you happy and healthy. These nutritious options can also be convenient and easy to grab on the go, so they're a great way to stay on track with your overall eating habits. In addition, carrying healthy snacks can help fight the effects of overeating by providing essential nutrients and keeping you feeling satisfied without any unhealthy calories. Plus, carrying healthy snacks can help you maintain a balanced diet and an active lifestyle by providing the nutrients your body needs to be healthy and happy.

Simple process of ordering snacks online

If you are looking to order snacks online, there are several options available. You can buy authentic namkeens in Mumbai online from your desktop, laptop, or smartphone. Indore Online offers a different range of snacks than traditional supermarkets.

Some popular brands of namkeen and snacks that you can order online include Khatta Meetha Mixture, Shahi Lajawab Mixture, Dal Moth, Gud Mawa Roll Gajak, Dry Fruit Kaju Gajak, Suji Rusk, and Masala Khakhra.

Once you have selected the snacks and placed the order, they will be safely delivered fresh right to your doorstep in tamper-proof, food-grade packaging. This way, you can have access to a wider variety of snacks without having to leave the comfort of your home.


Today, you can buy snacks for yourself or your loved ones from Indore Online with just a click. You don't need to spend hours in the kitchen making healthy snacks either. With the help of online ordering and convenient shipping, you can make healthy eating a habit and still satisfy your cravings. So, go ahead and order healthy snack boxes today! The best part is that there are no restrictions when it comes to quantity or variety. So, what are you waiting for? Start ordering now!
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Missi Roti With The Poha Twist

Missi Roti With The Poha Twist

With a slight modification, add poha to the traditional "Missi Roti Recipe" to make the dish more flavorful and crunchy. Indian bread known as "missi roti" is made from a mixture of wheat and gram flour and is seasoned with fresh local herbs and spices. Here, the recipe is slightly twisted by including poha (flattened rice) as an additional ingredient. This is just one of several missi roti versions you can make by including green leafy vegetables like methi (fenugreek leaves), spinach (palak), onions, and other things.

Let's get started with this simple, step-by-step recipe for Poha missi roti.


  • 2 cups of whole wheat flour (atta)
  • 1 cup of gram flour (besan)
  • 1/2 cup poha (soak and drained)
  • One chopped green chilli (optional)
  • 1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds (jeera),
  • 1/4 teaspoon red chilli powder
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 2 tablespoon chopped coriander leaves,
  • A pinch of Garam masala powder, and
  • A dash of salt to taste
  • Add 2 teaspoons of oil to the dough.
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup water
  • Ghee or oil to fry the rotis


  1. First, wash the poha and soak it for about 10 minutes in warm water. The surplus water can then be squeezed out and set aside. Squeeze the water out completely.
  2. Combine the flours, such as wheat and gram flour, with the soaked poha and the remaining ingredients, such as jeera, Indian spices, and chopped coriander leaves. Mix everything thoroughly.
  3. Add a little water and begin forming the dough. If the dough is too soft, you won't be able to roll it like chapati dough. Give the dough 15 to 20 minutes to rest.
  4. Now form medium-sized balls from the dough. Roll out the dough balls into medium-sized circular chapatis after they are lightly dusted by flouring the work surface.
  5. After cooking one side of the rolled roti over a hot tava or griddle, flip it over and cook the other side. Spread some ghee or oil on both sides and cook the food until it is done and browned.
  6. Serve the poha missi roti with mango pickle, yogurt, white butter, sweet lassi, or fresh juice, hot or warm.

Missi roti is a common food in Rajasthan, but it is also very popular in Indore. This is because Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Maharashtrian dishes are the basis for Indore's food. These three, taken together, will provide you with a fantastic meal that will make you happy all day long!

There's nothing to worry about if you are not living in Indore but still want to enjoy the delicacies of the city. Indore Online brings you an enormous collection of Indore's famous food on one single platform. Order and relish Indore’s famous sev namkeen snacks like Ratlami Sev, Hing Sev, Burhanpuri Sev, Ujjaini Sev, Poha Mix Sev, Nylon Feeki Sev, Barik Sev, Triple Laung Sev, Fursati Kadak Sev, and Double Laung Sev from Indore Online. Enjoy Khakhra in its many variations available on the website, like Masala Khakhra, Methi Khakhra, Pani Puri Khakhra, Jeeravan Khakhra, Sada Khakhra, Pav Bhaji Khakhra, and Jeera Ajwain Khakhra. You can also explore the amazing instant mix range that includes Instant Khaman Mix, Instant Moong Bhajiya, Instant Pani Puri, Missi Roti Masala, Instant Dahi Wada Mix, Instant Idli Mix, Instant Jalebi Mix, Instant Dosa Mix, Instant Upma Mix, Instant Gota Mix, Instant Poha Mix, Instant Sambhar Wada Mix, Kalakand Instant Mix, and Basundi Instant Mix. And it doesn’t stop here. You can also choose from a wide range of Gajaks, Papads, Khari’s and Masalas. Do not miss checking out their Atta range as well.

It only takes a few minutes to stock up on an old favourite or add a brand-new taste to your cupboard. You can always find a well-picked assortment of Indore snacks at Indore Online. Visit the Indore Online website and start ordering your favourite food items now.
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Masala Papad: A Popular Starter

Masala Papad: A Popular Starter

Masala papad is vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free Indian food. It can be prepared in under 15 minutes and is a wonderful addition to the party menu or a light snack before the main course. You can eat these delectable masala papads as an appetiser, an evening snack with a cup of masala chai, or a starter. This is one of the most popular starters to eat in Indian restaurants while you wait for your main course.

Planning a house party? Then, serving these masala papads to guests as an appetiser is a terrific idea. Allow your guests to assemble the masala papad by setting out all the ingredients like chopped tomatoes, onions, coriander, salt, etc., on the table. Everyone can personalise theirs in this way to fit their preferences.

Either roasted or deep-fried papads could be used to make these masala papads. An onion-tomato combination with spices is placed on top of the cooked papads. This is more of a method for preparing the papad and putting the Punjabi masala papad together than a recipe. You are welcome to experiment with the ingredients to find the perfect combination for you.

Although there are many different kinds of papad, urad dal papad pairs best with masala papad. Papads are a time-consuming and difficult process to make from scratch; therefore, it is suggested that you buy them from Indore Online. It takes only a few minutes to prepare masala papad using store-bought raw papad.

Recipe of Punjabi masala papad

Ingredients To Make Punjabi Masala Papad

  • Papad: Use cumin papad or black pepper papad according to taste.
  • Vegetables: onion, tomato, fresh coriander, and lemon.
  • Roasted cumin powder, chat masala, chilli powder, and salt are the spices and oils used to season masala papad.
  • Oil to fry the papad.


  1. Heat oil in a kadai.
  2. Fry the papad for a few seconds after the oil is hot, or until it puffs up and rises to the top.
  3. After a few seconds, flip it over and fry the other side.
  4. Remove it and set it on a kitchen towel to soak up any extra oil.
  5. Fry the remaining papads using the same procedure.
  6. The onion, tomato, salt, cumin powder, chilli powder, and coriander leaves should all be added to a bowl.
  7. With a spoon, thoroughly blend all the ingredients.
  8. Place the papads on separate plates. Spread the prepared onion-tomato mixture evenly over the papad.
  9. On each papad, smear a little chaat masala and lemon juice.
  10. Enjoy the mouthwatering Punjabi masala papad immediately.

Pro Tips

  • Use a big kadai since the papad requires room to grow while it is fried. If you are using a tiny kadai and do not want to add more oil, you may also cut each poppadom in half or quarters and fry it.
  • Take care not to let the papad burn by removing it as soon as it turns brown.

How do you microwave papads?

Cook one papad in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds on high. Cook the papad for an additional 20–30 seconds on the other side. This way, you get healthy, oil-free, and crispy papads. Depending on the microwave's power, the cooking time may change.

Variations to try in Masala Papad

  • For more flavour and nutrients, try adding grated carrot and deseeded, finely diced cucumber. It's a terrific method to get children to eat more vegetables.
  • Red chilli powder can be replaced with finely chopped green chilli peppers.

Important Tips

  • Serve the masala papads right away. Due to moisture from the vegetables, letting it sit for a longer period of time would cause the papad to get soggy.
  • To preserve the onion-tomato mixture's freshness for longer, deseed the tomatoes.
  • If you intend to prepare the onion-tomato mixture ahead of time, do not salt it. due to the onion losing its crispness and releasing moisture as a result.
  • Instead, it is advised to keep the chopped vegetables separate in the refrigerator until it is time to serve in order to preserve their freshness. Just before serving the masala papad, add salt and spices.

Masala papad will be even tastier if the papad used to make it is fresh and free from any additives. Visit https://www.indore.online/ to order papad online that is fresh and made the right way. And the best part is that you get the proper Punjabi Masala Papad to try this specific recipe. At Indore Online, you can get a variety of papads like Makka Khichiya Papad, Moong Papad, Chana Dal Papad, Jowar Khichiya Papad, Rice Khichiya Papad, and even Indore’s special Khatta Mitha Chana Papad. Visit the website now and order these freshly packed papads from the comfort of your home.

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Masala Buttermilk: A Healthy Everyday Beverage

Masala Buttermilk: A Healthy Everyday Beverage

This traditional buttermilk beverage from India is tasty, reviving, and healthful. It may be served after lunch, dinner, or any time of the day and just takes 5 minutes to prepare thanks to buttermilk, spices, and herbs.

In Western India, particularly Gujarati and Rajasthani homes, spiced buttermilk is a relatively common beverage. Chaas is such a pleasant and revitalising beverage for the summer. It is flavorful and complements any Indian food. Along with mango lassi, it is one of the favourites to have in the summer. Making chaas is quite simple; all you need is yoghurt and a few herbs and spices. The mixture is then ready to consume after being thoroughly blended with water.

How do you describe Masala Buttermilk?

Chaas or Masala Buttermilk is a healthy beverage made from yoghurt that is high in vitamins and low in fat. According to Ayurveda, it is a sattvic meal. Chaas translates to Spiced Buttermilk in English. In India, it is also known as Sambhaaram, Morum Vellam, Majjige, Chach, Tak, Matha, and Near Mor. Earlier, yoghurt and cold water were churned in a big pot to make chaas. Nowadays, many prefer to create chaas in blenders rather than churning it by hand because it takes less time. It can be served either plain or spiced in various ways.

Health Advantages of Masala Buttermilk

Even though chaas is a common everyday beverage, it has a number of health advantages:

  • Decreases acidity and
  • combats constipation
  • Effect of Cooling
  • Facilitates detoxification
  • High in nutrients and vitamins
  • Keeps You Hydrated
  • Brings down blood pressure

Various varieties of Chaas or Masala Buttermilk

Plain Chaas: To make this less complicated variation of Chaas, combine water, yoghurt, and salt, an ideal, convenient go-to beverage.

Boondi Chaas: If you enjoy a drink with a crunch, you'll adore this variety; simply garnish the Chaas with boondi immediately before serving.

Masala Chaas with Tadka: This kind of Chaas, which is very well-known in South India, includes tempering. It is known as Vagharela Chaas in Gujarat. In order to make tempering, mustard seeds, curry leaves, and hing are roasted in oil.

Smoked Chaas: The standard glass of chaas is basically given a smokey makeover by this recipe. All you have to do is set a small bowl on the chaas container, add some burned charcoal, and then pour some ghee and jeera into it. As soon as the smoke escapes, wrap it in foil paper and give it some time to infuse. We assure you that it is as easy as it seems.

Cucumber Chaas: You certainly cannot think of a cooler summer beverage than this one! Along with dahi, it also contains cucumber, which is hydrating and contains 95% water. All that's left to do is grate the cucumber and combine it with your masala chaas.


The major component of the drink is yoghurt. One can make it at home. Additionally, supermarket stores have it readily available. For Chaas, you should use plain yoghurt.

Spices: You'll need ginger, green chilli, salt, chaat masala, and roasted cumin powder, along with chilled water.

  • Cilantro leaves
  • Mint leaves


  1. Add the ingredients to a blender (skip the green chilli if you don't want it spicy). Mix them thoroughly.
  2. Make sure there are no lumps left.
  3. Pour into a glass, top with some toasted cumin and mint leaves, and serve.
  4. Serve right away or chill the chaas in the fridge for a few hours.
  5. Chaas tastes best when it's cold.

What if we told you that now you can enjoy masala buttermilk instantly by using readymade Chaas masala powder by ordering it online from https://www.indore.online/. At Indore Online, you can find a vast collection of ready-made masala mixes. For example, you can easily make masala milk at home by simply ordering milk masala powder from the Indore Online website. The other varieties of masala include Pav Bhaji Masala, Achar Masala, Veg Biryani Masala, and many more. So, just land on the website and shop from the amazing collection of fresh instant mixes.

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Handy Masalas To Have In Your Kitchen

Handy Masalas To Have In Your Kitchen

All of us enjoy keeping a variety of masalas on hand for when we need them. Here are some fantastic options for you.

The masala in a dish holds the key to its deliciousness. Masala, also known as a spice blend, is a combination of several spices and herbs that gives food taste, texture, aroma, and flavour. Additionally, it aids in separating each recipe from the others. In the realm of gastronomy, each meal is made with a unique combination of masalas that makes it stand out from the crowd. While the flavours of ginger, garlic, and onion predominate in a chicken curry, the rich, aromatic tadka of mustard seeds, curry leaves, and red chilli is a component of sambar.

In light of this, we offer you a selection of spice blends that can assist you in creating a wide range of foods at home. Read on.

Indori Jeeravan Masala

One well-known breakfast item is Indori poha. It differs from other poha recipes because it contains special Indori jeeravan masala. Jeeravan masala is a unique blend of cumin seeds, fennel seeds, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, and more. Jeeravan Masala, also called Indori Poha Masala, is a versatile spice that may be used to enhance a variety of everyday foods, including salads, curries, bhutte ka kees, and pakodas.

It can soothe indigestion, increase cognitive function, cleanse the body, support skin health, lower cholesterol, improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, lessen muscle discomfort, and warm the body, among other health benefits. It is well known for being a good source of iron, manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin K, as well as dietary fiber. Order the best quality Jeeravan Masala from Indore Online.

Garam Masala

One of the most popular spice blends in Northern Indian cuisine is garam masala, which means "hot spice" in English. Genuine garam masala is made up of about ten different spicy, warming ingredients. All of the spices are properly roasted before being ground into a fine powder and added to a variety of delicacies to give them a slightly spicier and more robust flavour. Every meal gets enhanced in flavour by this popular Indian spice mixture, known as masala, whose ingredients vary depending on the region. Buy Garam Masala online from Indore Online.

Podi Masala or Gunpowder

All of us enjoy eating hot idlis, dosas, and uttapams with sambar and hot chutney. As a result, we discovered this packet of podi masala/gunpowder for you, which can help you create a delectable spread like your favorite South Indian restaurant.

Bengali Panchphoron

If you've observed Bengali cooking, you've probably heard of the panchphoron spice blend. A blend of five spices—cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, carom seeds, fennel seeds, and mustard seeds—helps Bengali vegetarian meals gain flavour.

Chat Masala

Chat masala is a mouthwatering Indian spice mixture that gives dishes a dynamic twist. Chat masala's chatpata flavour will undoubtedly liven up your bland food. The dish gets ready to work its culinary magic with just a dash of chat masala. Chat masala powder makes sure that it enlivens all foods with just a sprinkle on top, whether it be pani puri, sev puri, pakora, or salads.

The chat masala spice blend does not have a set recipe, like all other spice blends. Chat masala is made differently by different families. To make chat masala, however, a mixture of spices including cumin seeds, red chilli powder, coriander, amchur powder, black salt, black pepper, and hing are utilised. Order the best quality Chat Masala from Indore Online.

You can buy masalas in the most fresh form from https://www.indore.online/. We have a vast collection of masalas from well known masala brands like Pushp Masale, Dave Ka divya masala and more. We also have ready-made masalas like Sethi Doodh Masala, Veg Biryani Masala, Premium Chai Masala, Pani Puri Masala, Pushp Achar Masala, Missi Roti Masala, and many more. Start ordering your favorite masalas from Indore Online at the best prices.
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Suji Rusk For Healthy Munching

Suji Rusk For Healthy Munching

Rusk is one of the most popular teatime treats. The latest news and a steaming cup of masala chai go perfectly with rusk. Rusks resemble traditional snacks like Mathris and have a rustic appearance. They are so well-liked that almost every other bakery produces a variant of them. Many well-known cookie and biscuit businesses also manufacture and sell rusks. Suji rusk from Indore Online, which is prepared with semolina flour (suji), is exceptionally crunchy and goes extremely well with tea. You can be sure that this rusk will satisfy both your taste buds and your nutritional needs. Suji rusk from Indore Online has an elaichi flavour, is high in fibre, is low in fat and sugar, and gives you quick energy.

Suji's health benefits include:

  • A diet high in fibre lessens the chance of developing heart disease. Because it reduces LDL (bad) cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation, it is excellent for your heart.
  • Suji has a lot of magnesium and dietary fibre, which helps it manage blood sugar levels. Fibre lowers the blood's absorption of glucose, which helps control blood sugar spikes after meals.
  • The digestive system also benefits from dietary fibre.

Delectable breakfast ideas with suji rusk

Here are a few quick and delectable morning meal ideas with rusks to get your day off to a delicious start!

Wholesome honey rusks
Make yourself some aristocratic rusks by spreading some butter and honey if you want something sweet yet nutritious to eat in the morning. They will fill you up without giving you any needless guilt for starting the day with sweets.

Fruit fairytale
Place fresh fruit cubes or slices, along with almond butter spread, on top of the rusk. Prefer almond butter over peanut butter, as it is healthier.

Suji rusk and the crunch

When paired with a cup of chai, rusk is enjoyed for the crunch it brings. Imagine! Rusk is soggy and lacks crunch when you open a fresh pack. That will be such a disappointment. Crisp and unique in crunch, the suji rusk from Indore Online is delicious. It is well toasted and not at all dry. This rusk toast has a balanced flavour that adds to its deliciousness and crunch in a special way.

The other varieties of Rusk

Pista rusk
Your taste buds will be mesmerised by this flavorful, crunchy pista toast with the presence of pista nuts. No matter where you are, this rusk will take you back in time with its well-balanced sweetness!

Fruit cake rusk
Cake rusk has become popular among tea drinkers. It has turned into a common snack in India since it is dry. Additionally, vegetarians can appreciate the delicate flavour of these eggless cake rusks.

Gol rusk
These are rusks, which are round and crispy. They stand out because of their enticing shape! Most rusks have a rectangular shape with rounded edges, but this particular rusk has an unusual round shape. The flavour is the same as that of normal rusks.

Baby rusk
They are made so that babies can bite down easily without breaking or splintering the rusk, facilitating a painless and simple teething process for infants. They don't have any additional sugar and are made with milk and wheat that are organically certified.

Indore Online is the best place to get a wide range of rusks and snacks, so it can meet the needs of a wide range of customers. You can even find the healthiest version of rusk, which is Atta rusk, on Indore Online’s website. You will just have to go to the website https://www.indore.online/, search for Atta Rusk, and place your order. It's as simple as that. Indore Online is also a one-stop shop to buy authentic namkeens in Mumbai online. The website also has an interesting collection of instant mixes. So, just visit the website and explore their amazing snack options.

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Masala Namkeen Sev- The Easiest Festive Snack

Masala Namkeen Sev- The Easiest Festive Snack

Small chunks of fried noodles that are crispy and crunchy are known as "sev," a classic Indian snack food that is not only delicious but also incredibly addicting.

Chickpea flour is typically used to make sev. With chickpea flour (besan), rice flour, and spices for fried grains (daliya, roasted chana, hurigadale, putani, putnalu), we are describing a masala version today. The best thing about this dough is how many different namkeens you can make with it, including sev, chakli, ribbon pakoda, murukku, and jantikalu. You may create a variety of crispy snack forms using all the plates in your chakli press.

You must try the recipe below if you're seeking a simple and fast festive snack or namkeen recipe.

Masala Namkeen Sev Recipe


  • 1/4 cup of roasted, and fried grams
  • 1 cup Rice flour and 1/2 cup Besan (chickpea flour)
  • 2 tablespoons softened butter
  • Black sesame seeds, 1 teaspoon (til)
  • Cumin seeds, half a teaspoon
  • 1/4 teaspoon Asafoetida (Hing), 3/4 teaspoon Salt, and additional salt if desired
  • 1 teaspoon red chilli powder in red
  • Water, 2/3 cup (approximately, add in increments)
  • Oil for use in frying


To make the sev dough, follow these steps:

  1. Roasted grams should be added to a mixer or blender and processed into a fine powder.
  2. The butter should be combined thoroughly with the rice flour, chickpea flour, and roasted gram flour (from above) in a bowl. When you take a portion of the mixture in your hands and press it, it should maintain its shape.
  3. Sesame seeds, cumin seeds, hing, salt, and chilli powder should be added to this and mixed.
  4. Now gradually add water and knead to create a nice, smooth, non-sticky dough.

To fry the sev:

  1. For frying, heat oil in a pan over medium heat.
  2. Oil or butter should be used to grease your chakli mold. Fill the dough into the mold.
  3. Make a steady, circular motion with your hand while pressing the dough firmly over the oil. Fry for 2 minutes on each side, or until golden brown, on a medium burner.
  4. To absorb any extra oil, transfer this to a paper towel.
  5. Store it in an airtight container once it has completely cooled down. Utilize as necessary.

Pro Advice

  • The masala sev that is described here is distinct from regular sev or bhujia. Use only chickpea or gram flour if you prefer a classic flavour.
  • Fry on medium heat at all times.
  • You can knead the dough with a mixture of water, green chilies, and ginger to make it even more masaledar.
  • Soft, smooth, and non-sticky dough is ideal. If it feels sticky, add more flour to fix it. If it feels dry or crumbly, add some water and stir.
  • Avoid adding all the water at once. Your choice of flour brand, the humidity in your area, etc. will all affect how much water you need.
  • To ensure that it comes out of the mold without breaking, add crushed cumin seeds.

Storage Guidelines

When made from this dough, sev or any other crispy snack (chakli, murukku, or ribbon pakoda) can be kept for up to 30 days in an airtight container.

Thus, one of the best gift box snacks you can make for festivals is from the recipe shared above. This recipe makes the perfect holiday snacks to prepare ahead of time so you can enjoy them with your loved ones.

Ways to consume Sev

You can consume sev as it is. Additionally, it goes well with a cup of tea or coffee. It can be used as a garnish or topping for dahi vada or any Indian chaat, such as masala puri, sev puri, or bhel puri.

Sev variations

Thick Sev: By using a larger-holed plate that is available with the chakli press; the sev which is prepared is thick sev or mota sev.

Garlic Sev: Grate the garlic cloves and mix them into the dough for the garlic sev. Rest every step stays the same.

Aloo Sev: Add one boiled and mashed potato to the dough to make potato sev or aloo sev.

Palak Sev: Puree the palak, then include it in the dough. Use the water as necessary.

Ratlami Sev: Popular in North India, ratlami sev is made mostly with chickpea flour, cloves, and other spices. Now, instead of looking for ratlami sev in Mumbai, you can easily order it online. Buy ratlami sev online by clicking on the link: Ratlami Sev. You can also order Ujjaini Sev online from the Indore Online website.

You can now order these delicious namkeen snacks online from the comfort of your own home.
Indore Online has a vast collection of Sev namkeens like Ratlami Sev, Ujjaini Sev, Double Laung Sev, Barik Feeki Sev, Jiravan Sev, Poha Mix Sev, Hing Sev, and many more. So, what are you waiting for? Just go on the website https://www.indore.online/ and order your favorite namkeen snack which will be fresh and authentic just like the home-made snacks.

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The Benefits Of Choosing Masala Buttermilk

The Benefits Of Choosing Masala Buttermilk

Buttermilk is an absolute favorite of many people in India across all the states. It is a drink that brings an inevitable delight for Indians to beat the intense summer days. Masala buttermilk is a way to consume a staple drink that is not only rich with ingredients but also equally delicious and healthy. This drink is more accessible now than ever through products like instant buttermilk masala. 

With a small amount of time to make, masala buttermilk is a blend of spices and herbs in relishing buttermilk and is a great refreshing drink to consume, especially after a tiring day. Discover masala buttermilk online for a quick try and to have the authentic traditional taste of buttermilk.

Why is Consuming Masala Buttermilk a Healthy Choice?

Masala buttermilk is prepared with many healthy and nutritional ingredients, such as curd, water, mint, and various spices and herbs that elevate its rich flavor. The powder used is similar to milk masala powder. It is added to the plain buttermilk to acquire a flavorful drink enriched with healthy nutrients.

The masala can be homemade or, for instant use, bought from an online store. The following are some health benefits of masala buttermilk and why it is a much better choice for an everyday drink.

1. Great for Preventing Dehydration

As a highly used drink recommended for hot summer days, masala buttermilk is a great way to keep the body hydrated constantly. Dehydration is common during summertime and can lead to other illnesses. But buttermilk has a lot of electrolytes that prevent water loss from our bodies.

2. Prevents Acidity and Constipation

Like masala milk, this drink is an excellent aid in fighting acid reflexes and constipation. Acid reflux might irritate the stomach lining, but with the help of ingredients like dried ginger and pepper, acidity will no longer be an issue. Moreover, having buttermilk every day leads to the prevention of constipation due to its high fiber content.

3. Suitable for Detoxification

Buttermilk contains several unique ingredients that are substitutes to cure many ailments. It has riboflavin that converts food into energy and secretes certain hormones. Using buttermilk daily as a staple drink would eliminate toxins from the body and facilitate liver function through the detoxification process.

4. Source of Nutrients and Vitamins

Another advantage of buttermilk is that it provides a variety of vitamins and essential nutrients such as potassium and vitamin B. Furthermore, it is excellent to balance vitamin deficiency in the body by supplying enough proteins and nutrients.

5. Rich Source of Calcium

Buttermilk is an excellent calcium source and is beneficial for people doing a diet or even people who are lactose intolerant.


The bottom line is masala buttermilk is an excellent choice for a healthy diet and helps tremendously with many health conditions. With the introduction of instant masala buttermilk, it is possible to drink it conveniently with natural ingredients. Further, it is also easy to carry while traveling anywhere and can be consumed whenever convenient.

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Nutritious Instant Poha To Save Time

Nutritious Instant Poha To Save Time

We all know breakfast is the main meal that should be consumed without fail. After the body goes through a long period without food, breakfast is the source that replenishes our body with relevant nutrients. It boosts our body and provides energy to keep up with daily tasks.

Therefore, the best solution is to have something instantly made. With no time to spare in the morning, instant poha mix is a great way to get those precious nutrients to the body, and the best instant poha mix can be availed from Indore.Online.

Why Choose Instant Poha Mix?

Apart from being the most convenient and accessible option, poha is a wholesome food. It is the perfect meal for a day, relishing us with its exceptional taste. On top of that, poha is loved by all. It is a comfort food for all seasons, whether summer or winter, and perfect as a meal for any other time of the day. It can even be served with evening snacks and tea. There are many reasons poha is a great meal, but the ultimate question is, why use instant poha mix?

Poha is made of flattened rice, an excellent option for anyone on a diet. Thus it is beneficial for weight loss. Furthermore, having poha leads to consuming essential fibers, vitamins, and carbohydrates necessary for the body. Moreover, it is very low in calories and is a great staple food for a well-balanced meal. All these can be achieved through instant poha packets, especially the Indori poha mix that brings the exact taste of traditional and original Indori poha to our homes.

Benefits of Eating Poha

As we mentioned earlier, poha is a nutritious meal. Read on to understand the various benefits provided by poha and why instant poha masala is an excellent addition to everyday meals and diet.

1. Great source of carbohydrates

Flattened rice contains 77% healthy carbohydrates and much lower fats. With this high amount of carbohydrates, it is a fantastic food to consume by people of any age.

2. Excellent for Gaining Iron

Poha provides a high amount of iron to the body, almost 2.67 mg in a cup. Iron is a significant factor in maintaining hemoglobin and red blood cells, and the production of flat rice through iron rollers facilitates this.

3. Stabilizes Blood-Sugar Levels

Various researchers have shown that poha is a fantastic meal to add to the diet of patients with diabetes. The high fiber content releases sugar slowly with stability into the bloodstream, regulating the blood and sugar levels.

4. A Good Probiotic

When producing poha, the flat rice undergoes partial fermentation when soaked. And this retains and gives probiotic bacteria, which are great for gut and digestion issues. Try Indori poha online to achieve all these fantastic benefits.


Poha is an excellent source of nutrients and health benefits. Now, you can enjoy the luxury of experiencing the original Indori poha taste through an instant poha mix. Be it at home or while traveling, for a mouth-watering meal, buy instant poha online.

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