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Indore online: Your Ultimate Destination For Authentic Indori Namkeen Online

Indore online: Your Ultimate Destination For Authentic Indori Namkeen Online

If there is one thing that you must know about namkeen, it is that it always tastes better when it is shared with your loved ones.

Indian snacks are known for their unique combination of spices, which gives namkeen its spicy and savoury flavours. One city from India that comes to mind whenever we hear the word namkeen is Indore.

Indore's namkeen culture reflects the city's rich history and its people's everlasting love affair with their favourite food. Each bite bears the essence of centuries-old traditions, honed techniques, and a splash of invention that has elevated these simple nibbles to a flavour and texture art form.

In this blog, we will look at a few of the most popular namkeens that you can enjoy alone or with your loved ones.

Popularity of namkeens in India

Namkeens have won the hearts of millions across India with their tempting combination of flavours, textures, and cultural importance. These savoury snacks are more than just culinary treats; they are also an important aspect of Indian food culture and social interactions. Indian kids were never given popcorn when watching a movie at home. We always had chivdas and khakhras to keep us company during the movies.

Namkeens are also staple snacks in India during gatherings. Here are a few occasions when namkeens are served:

Birthdays: Most middle-class families in India serve namkeen along with a piece of cake and a candy in a paper dish on their kids' birthdays.

Festivals: During festivals like Dieali and Ganpati, guests and relatives are welcomed with a dish of namkeens along with a piece of ladoo, jalebi, or some other sweet.

Tea party: Namkeens are popular companions to tea and coffee. They add a savoury touch to the teatime experience, whether it's a fun get-together with friends or a family gathering after a long time.

Popular Indori namkeen to buy from Indore online


Indian namkeen sev is a popular and versatile savoury snack that has captured the hearts of foodies all over the country. This crispy, savoury delicacy is a classic in Indian cuisine, recognised for its enticing taste, crunchy texture, and ability to satisfy both hunger and appetite.

There are many different types of sev, each tasty in its own special way. You can buy Ratlami sev, Aloo sev, Nylon sev, and other types of sev from Indore online. We are well known for selling famous Indore namkeen in India from reputed brands.

Here are a few recipes that you can make using various types of sev:

Sev Puri: This one is the most obvious. This tangy Indian street food consists of crispy puris topped with diced potatoes, chutneys, and plenty of nylon sev.

A food package of nylon sev by Jain M Foods

Sev Tameta Nu Shaak: A Gujarati curry with tomatoes and spices that is completed with a sprinkling of sev for crunch and flavour. You can use Ratlami sev or Jiravan sev in this recipe.

Sev Khamani: A savoury Gujarati meal comprising crumbled chickpea flour cakes seasoned with spices and chutneys and topped with sev for a nice texture contrast. Nylon, or barik sev, is usually added to khamni to create a tasty breakfast.

Khatta Meetha Mix

Khatta Meetha is a popular Indori namkeen with a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavours. It blends crunchy sev, boondi, and peanuts with a spice mixture to create a distinct and pleasant flavour. The word itself defines its balanced flavour, which is a little tart and a little sweet. It's a popular snack, showing the tasty and inventive side of Indore's street food culture.

Here are a few innovative ways to use the sweet and sour mixture in various recipes:

Khatta Meetha Bhel: You can add khatta meetha mix to bhel to add another layer of sweet and sour flavour.

Khatta Meetha snack mix: You can make a nice evening snack by mixing khatta meetha with dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, dried raisins, and walnuts. You can also add dry cranberries for extra flavour.

Khatta Meetha Poha: Poha is one of the most popular foods in Indore, and you can add some extra flavour and crunch to poha by adding Khatta Meetha mix. You can check out our online store to buy both the Khatta Meetha Mix and Indori Poha online.

A red bowl of Khatta Meetha mix with a tea cup in background

Chana Jor Garam

Chana Jor Garam is a traditional Indian snack that combines roasted black chickpeas with a variety of spices. This delectable snack is famous for its enticing crunch and savoury flavour profile. Chana Jor Garam is a popular street meal that is appreciated by people of all ages. It's an ideal on-the-go snack, giving a rapid boost of energy as well as a flash of flavour.

Here are a few ways to use Chana Jor Garam in various Indian recipes:

Chana Jor Garam Chaat: Combine Chana Jor Garam with chopped onions, tomatoes, green chilies, coriander leaves, and a splash of sour tamarind chutney to make a delectable chaat.

Chana Jor Garam Salad: Add a layer of texture and flavour to your favourite salads with Chana Jor Garam. It surprisingly pairs well with leafy greens, chopped fruits, and nuts.

Along with these popular Indori namkeens, we also sell other delicious snack options like Khakhra, peanuts, banana chips, instant mixes, papads, and more. You can check out our authentic Indore namkeen store in Mumbai to explore traditional Indian snacking options.


The exquisite world of Indori namkeen is a monument to the city's rich culinary heritage and lively flavours. The variety and intricacy of these savoury nibbles demonstrate the inventive genius of local craftspeople as well as their drive to hone time-honoured traditions. Indori namkeen has grabbed the hearts and taste buds of people all over the world, whether it's the hot spiciness of Ratlami sev, the tempting crunch of the Khatta Meetha combination, or the delectable blend of flavours of Chana Jor Garam.

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Indore’s Culinary Gems: Must-Try Delicacies And Snacks

Indore’s Culinary Gems: Must-Try Delicacies And Snacks

Indore, the vibrant city nestled in the heart of Madhya Pradesh, India, is renowned for its rich culinary heritage and delectable street food offerings. With a unique blend of savory and sweet flavors, the city boasts a variety of mouthwatering delicacies that have captured the hearts of both locals and tourists alike. In this blog, we will explore some of Indore's famous foods and snacks, including the iconic Ratlami Sev Namkeen and Barik Sev, and how you can conveniently purchase them online from Indore's leading food website.

Indore’s famous food

Indore, a city steeped in culinary heritage, is celebrated for an array of delectable treats that leave a lasting impression on visitors. Among Indore’s famous foods are the iconic Ratlami Sev Namkeen and Barik Sev, both of which are irresistibly crispy and flavorful snacks. The Ratlami Sev Namkeen, with its spicy and tangy taste, is a delightful companion to tea or a quick munching option. Barik Sev, on the other hand, entices with its fine texture and variety of spices. 

Another mouthwatering specialty is the quintessential Poha, a breakfast favorite that features flattened rice garnished with fragrant spices, crunchy sev, chopped onions, and zesty chutneys. For those seeking a light and crispy snack, the Khakhra, a thin and spiced wheat cracker, offers an excellent choice. Lastly, the vibrant streets of Indore beckon with the savory aroma of Chana Jor Garam, a spicy roasted chickpea snack that awakens the taste buds with its bold flavors. With such a diverse and delightful assortment of foods, Indore is truly a haven for food enthusiasts and a place where culinary wonders come to life.

Ratlami Sev Namkeen: A Spicy Extravaganza

When it comes to Indore's famous food, Ratlami Sev Namkeen takes the center stage. This crispy, spicy, and irresistibly flavorful snack has its origins in the city of Ratlam but has become an integral part of Indore's culinary scene. Made from chickpea flour, spices, and a secret mix of masalas, Ratlami Sev Namkeen packs a punch with its fiery taste.

The key to Ratlami Sev's unique flavor lies in its spice blend, featuring an assortment of chili, pepper, and other aromatic spices. Locals love to munch on this crispy snack during their tea time or as a quick, satisfying bite throughout the day. It's a must-try delicacy for spice lovers and those seeking an authentic taste of Indore.

Barik Sev: A Delightful Crunch

Another gem from Indore's culinary treasury is Barik Sev, a fine vermicelli-like snack that showcases the city's expertise in crafting delightful munchies. Made from gram flour, Barik Sev is seasoned with various spices, resulting in a savory delight that's light on the palate but big on flavor.

This crispy snack is often enjoyed on its own or used as a topping for other popular dishes like poha and chaats. The versatility of Barik Sev makes it an integral part of Indore's street food culture, and no visit to the city is complete without savoring the crispy goodness of Barik Sev.

Poha Masala: Breakfast Bliss

Poha, flattened rice, is a traditional breakfast favorite across India. However, Indore's take on this classic dish sets it apart from the rest. Indore's Poha Masala is a medley of flavors that elevate the humble poha into a delightful culinary experience.

The key ingredients that make Poha Masala unique are fennel seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric, and curry leaves, which infuse the dish with a burst of flavors. Served with a side of crunchy peanuts and a hint of lemon, Poha Masala is a wholesome breakfast that will leave you craving for more.

Khakhra: The Crispy Gujarati Connection

While Khakhra is a traditional Gujarati snack, it has found its way into the hearts and plates of Indore's food enthusiasts. Thin, crispy, and spiced to perfection, Khakhra is made from wheat flour, oil, and various spices. This guilt-free treat is a popular accompaniment to tea and is enjoyed as a light snack throughout the day.

Khakhra comes in various flavors like masala, methi, jeera, and more, catering to diverse taste preferences. Its low-fat content and delightful crunch make it an ideal go-to snack for health-conscious foodies.

Roasted Range of Namkeen

Indore Online, the leading culinary destination, offers a delectable array of roasted namkeens, one of Indore’s famous foods,  that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Among their delightful offerings, the Chana Jor Garam stands out, featuring crispy roasted chickpeas seasoned with a blend of spices that leave a lingering burst of flavors. For those seeking a healthier option, the Roasted Matar Jor provides a delightful crunch with roasted green peas seasoned to perfection. 

The Roasted Moong Jor, another gem on their menu, delivers a delightful balance of crunch and spice, making it an irresistible treat for snack lovers. And let's not forget the Wheat Puff Masala, a scrumptious fusion of roasted wheat puffs infused with a zesty masala mix that's simply addictive. Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply indulging yourself, Indore Online's roasted namkeen range promises a lip-smacking experience that will keep you coming back for more.


Indore's famous food offers a remarkable blend of flavors, spices, and textures that cater to every taste bud. From the fiery Ratlami Sev Namkeen to the crispy Barik Sev and the soulful Poha Masala, each delicacy reflects the city's culinary prowess and vibrant food culture.

Thanks to Indore Online's website, you can now savor these iconic snacks and delicacies from the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks, you can buy poha online, indulge in Ratlami Sev Namkeen, and explore the rich culinary offerings that Indore has to offer. So, embark on a gastronomic journey to Indore's food paradise and experience the flavors that define this charming city.
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The Unforgettable Taste of Indore: Ordering Namkeens Online

The Unforgettable Taste of Indore: Ordering Namkeens Online

Indore, the heart of Madhya Pradesh, is renowned for its vibrant food culture and mouth-watering delicacies. Among its culinary treasures, namkeens hold a special place. These crispy and savory snacks are a true reflection of Indore's rich culinary heritage. Thanks to the convenience of online shopping, you can now order these delectable namkeens from the comfort of your home. In this blog, we will take you on a virtual journey through the flavors of Indore and guide you on how to order snacks online.

Discover the iconic Ratlami Sev Namkeen

One of the most celebrated namkeens from Indore is the Ratlami Sev. This spicy and flavorful snack is known for its distinctive taste and crunchy texture. Made from chickpea flour, it is generously spiced with a blend of aromatic spices like black pepper, cloves, and ajwain (carom seeds). Ratlami Sev Namkeen is a must-try for all the snack lovers out there. Its fiery taste will leave you craving more.

Indore Food Delights: Sev in All Its Varieties

Sev, a popular form of namkeen, comes in various types and flavors, each with its own unique twist. The classic sev is a fine, crispy noodle-like snack, perfect for munching on its own or adding a crunchy topping to other dishes. Barik Sev, on the other hand, is a thinner and more delicate version of Sev, offering a delightful balance between crispiness and softness. Both varieties are available in a wide range of flavors, including tomato, garlic, masala, and more.

Ujjaini Sev is made from a batter of chickpea flour, water, and various spices, which is then deep-fried until golden and crispy. The Ujjaini sev strands are thin and delicate, with a satisfying crunch in every bite. This snack is often seasoned with a blend of spices like cumin, turmeric, chili powder, and salt, which gives it a delightful burst of flavors. 

Jeeravan Sev, the famous Indore food is made by combining chickpea flour with a blend of spices, with roasted cumin seeds being the star ingredient. The mixture is then kneaded into a dough, which is passed through a sev maker to create thin strands. These strands are deep-fried until they turn crispy and golden brown. The sev is then seasoned with jeeravan masala, a special spice mix that includes roasted cumin, black salt, chili powder, and other flavorful spices. 

Embrace the Convenience of Online Namkeen Stores

To satisfy your cravings for Indore's famous namkeens, you no longer have to travel all the way to the city. The well-known online namkeen store, Indore Online, now offers the convenience of ordering these delectable snacks from the comfort of your home. With just a few clicks, you can browse through a wide selection of authentic Indore namkeens, select your favorites, and have them delivered right to your doorstep. It's a hassle-free way to experience the flavors of Indore, no matter where you are.

Indore Online Website: A Gateway to Indore's Culinary Delights

When it comes to finding the best online store for ordering namkeens from Indore, Indore Online’s website is your ultimate destination. This platform curates a wide range of authentic namkeens and other Indore delicacies, ensuring you get the true taste of the city. With their easy-to-navigate website and secure payment options, ordering your favorite namkeens has never been easier.


Indore's culinary heritage is incomplete without its flavorful namkeens. From the fiery Ratlami Sev to the delicate Barik Sev, these snacks offer an explosion of flavors in every bite. You can now enjoy these delicious treats no matter where you are. So, order snacks online from Indore Online, indulge your taste buds, and embark on a gastronomic journey through the flavors of Indore. Get ready to savor the true essence of Indore's rich food culture!

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Indulge In The Flavours Of Indore’s Famous Namkeen And Snacks

Indulge In The Flavours Of Indore’s Famous Namkeen And Snacks

Indore, the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh, is known for its vibrant culture, rich history, and mouth-watering delicacies. Indore's food culture is a unique blend of traditional and modern flavors, and one of the most famous aspects of it is the variety of namkeen and snacks that the city has to offer.

Indore is known for its famous namkeen, which is a savory snack made from a combination of various ingredients such as chickpea flour, spices, and oils. Namkeen is a popular snack that is enjoyed by people of all ages and is a must-try for food enthusiasts. One of the best things about Indore's famous namkeen online is that it is readily available, allowing people from all over the world to indulge in its unique and delicious flavors.

Some of the most popular namkeens that Indore has to offer include Ratlami Sev, which is a spicy and crispy snack that is made from gram flour and various spices, and Aloo Bhujia, which is a crunchy and spicy potato-based snack. Another popular namkeen is the Khatta Meetha mixture, which is a sweet and sour snack made from a blend of chickpea flour, nuts, and raisins. These and other interesting varieties can be easily ordered from Indore Online, the most reputed online namkeen store. These namkeens are perfect to munch on while watching your favorite movie or TV show or just as a quick snack while on the go.

Apart from namkeen, Indore is also famous for its other snacks such as Poha, which is a popular breakfast dish made from flattened rice and a variety of spices and vegetables. Poha is a light and healthy snack that is perfect for those who are looking for a quick breakfast or a light snack during the day. Another popular snack is Khakhra, which is a thin and crispy flatbread made from wheat flour and various spices. Khakhra is a popular snack that is enjoyed by people of all ages and is perfect to have with tea or as a quick snack during the day.

One of the best things about ordering Indore's famous namkeen online is that it can be enjoyed in the comfort of our homes without putting much effort. There are several online namkeen stores that offer a wide range of Indore's famous namkeen and snacks, allowing people from all over the world to indulge in their unique and delicious flavors. These online stores offer a variety of namkeen and snacks that are perfect for all occasions, be it a party, a get-together, or just a quick snack during the day.

The other most popular snack that people can order online is gajak, which is a sweet snack made from sesame seeds and jaggery. Gajak is a popular snack that is enjoyed by people of all ages and is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth. Another popular snack that can be ordered online is the Mawa Kachori, which is a sweet and savory snack made from a blend of sweetened milk solids and spices. Mawa Kachori is a popular snack that is perfect to have with tea or as a dessert after a meal.

Among Indore’s famous foods, papads, mathris, and pickles are some of the most popular items that people love to indulge in. Indore's papads come in various flavors and are made from lentil flour, rice flour, or a combination of both. Similarly, mathris are deep-fried snacks made from flour, and they come in sweet as well as savory flavors. Pickles, on the other hand, are a must-have accompaniment to any Indian meal, and Indore is famous for its spicy and tangy pickles made from locally grown produce. So, if you want to try some of the best snacks and pickles that India has to offer, look no further than Indore Online!


In conclusion, Indore's famous namkeen and snacks are a must-try for anyone who wants to experience the unique and delicious flavors of the city. With the convenience of online namkeen stores like Indore Online, people from all over the world can easily order snacks online and indulge in their mouth-watering flavors. These snacks are perfect for all occasions, be it a party, a get-together, or just a quick snack during the day. So go ahead and order your favorite Indore snacks online and indulge in the flavors that have made the city famous.
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The Best Indore Food: Khakhra, Gajak, Poha, Ratlami Sev Namkeen

The Best Indore Food: Khakhra, Gajak, Poha, Ratlami Sev Namkeen

Indore, the food capital of India, is known for its unique and delectable cuisine. From street food to fine dining, Indore offers a range of culinary delights that are sure to leave you craving for more. In this blog, we will explore some of the best Indore food that you must try.


Khakhra, a popular snack from Gujarat, has become an integral part of Indore's food culture. Made from wheat flour and seasoned with spices, this thin and crispy snack is perfect for munching on the go. You can find a variety of khakhras in Indore, from plain to masala and cheese to methi. Indore Online is the famous online platform that sells a variety of khakhras, including Masala Khakhra, Methi Khakhra, Sada Khakhra, Jeera Ajwain Khakhra, and more.


Gajak, a sweet made from sesame seeds and jaggery, is a winter delicacy that is enjoyed across North India. However, Indore has taken this sweet to a whole new level. The city is home to some of the best gajak shops in the country, and the sweet is available in a variety of flavors like chocolate, peanut, and dry fruit. At Indore Online, one can choose from a wide selection of gajaks like peanut gajak, Til Gajak, Dry Fruits Gajak, Chocolate Gajak and many more.


Poha, a breakfast dish made from flattened rice, is a staple food in Indore. The dish is cooked with onions, potatoes, and a range of spices, and is often served with sev, peanuts, and lemon. Poha is not just a breakfast dish in Indore; it is also enjoyed as a snack in the evening. Indore Online is known to sell freshly packed poha online as well as instant poha mix with the real flavour.

Ratlami Sev Namkeen

Ratlami Sev Namkeen, a spicy and crispy snack, is a must-try when in Indore. This snack is made with gram flour and seasoned with a range of spices like turmeric, red chili, and black pepper. Ratlami Sev Namkeen is available in different variations, such as laung sev, garlic sev, and hing sev. Some of the famous namkeens available at Indore Online include Ujjaini Sev, Khatta Meetha Mixture, Dal Moth, Jiravan Sev, Poha Mix Sev, Barik Feeki Sev, Burhanpuri Sev, Corn Flakes Mixture, Diet Mix Chivda and more.

Order snacks online

If you are a food lover and looking to satiate your cravings for Indore food, Indore Online is the perfect destination for you. Whether you are in the mood for some crispy Ratlami Sev Namkeen or some delicious Gajak, Indore Online has got you covered. Our online platform offers a wide range of Indore's popular snacks, which you can order from the comfort of your home. Along with many varieties of khakhra, gajak, and sev namkeens, our snack selection also includes rusks and kharis. Indore Online also provides a unique collection of instant mixes. Their instant mix range includes Instant Poha Mix, Instant Upma Mix, Instant Pani Puri Mix, Instant Jalebi Mix, and many more. The platform offers fast and reliable delivery services, ensuring that your favourite snacks reach you fresh and on time. So, if you want to experience the authentic taste of Indore's snacks, just browse through Indore Online's website and order snacks online today!


In conclusion, Indore's food culture is a rich amalgamation of flavors and spices that are sure to leave any foodie satisfied. From the crispy and savory khakhras to the crunchy and nutty gajak, the soft and spicy poha to the tangy and spicy Ratlami sev namkeen, Indore's cuisine offers a diverse range of snacks that are loved by people all over India. These delicacies are not only delicious but also reflect the city's rich cultural heritage. So, the next time you visit Indore, make sure to indulge in these scrumptious snacks and experience the city's unique food culture for yourself.

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Ratlami Sev Namkeen- Types, Specifications And Patterns

Ratlami Sev Namkeen- Types, Specifications And Patterns

Ratlami Sev Namkeen is a popular snack from the city of Ratlam in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India. This savory treat is made from chickpea flour, spices, and herbs that are blended together to create a crispy and crunchy snack that is bursting with flavor. Ratlami Sev Namkeen is a favorite among locals and tourists alike, and it has gained popularity all over India and beyond. Whether you are looking for a quick snack to munch on or a delicious accompaniment to your evening tea, Ratlami Sev Namkeen is a perfect choice that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. In this article, we will explore the types, specifications, and patterns of this beloved snack.

Ratlami Sev Namkeen is a versatile snack with many variations. Here are some of the most popular types of Ratlami Sev Namkeen:

  1. Regular Ratlami Sev Namkeen: This is the most common and traditional variety of Ratlami Sev Namkeen. It is made with a combination of chickpea flour, spices like red chili powder, turmeric powder, and carom seeds, and fried in oil until crispy. Now you can easily buy Ratlami sev online from Indore Online’s website.
  2. Garlic Ratlami Sev Namkeen: In this variation, the sev is flavored with garlic to give it a unique and pungent taste. Garlic Ratlami Sev Namkeen is perfect for garlic lovers who enjoy the bold and distinct flavor of this herb.
  3. Tomato Ratlami Sev Namkeen: Tomato Ratlami Sev Namkeen is made with a blend of tomato puree, chickpea flour, and spices like red chili powder and turmeric powder. This variety has a slightly tangy and sour taste, making it a great snack to enjoy with a cup of tea.
  4. Palak (Spinach) Ratlami Sev Namkeen: Palak Ratlami Sev Namkeen is made by adding pureed spinach to the chickpea flour mixture. This not only adds a lovely green color to the snack but also makes it healthier by incorporating spinach, which is a great source of vitamins and minerals.
  5. Corn Ratlami Sev Namkeen: In this variation, cornflour is used instead of chickpea flour, giving it a different texture and flavor. Corn Ratlami Sev Namkeen has a slightly sweet taste and is perfect for those who prefer a milder and less spicy snack.

Each variation mentioned here has its own unique taste and texture, making it a versatile snack that can be enjoyed in many different ways.

Now, let us go through the specifications of Ratlami Sev Namkeen:

Ingredients: The main ingredients used in Ratlami Sev are chickpea flour, salt, red chili powder, cumin seeds, and carom seeds. Other ingredients, such as asafoetida, turmeric, and black pepper, may also be used to enhance the flavor.

Texture: Ratlami Sev has a crunchy and crispy texture with a slightly rough surface. The sev is thin, about the width of a pencil, and is usually coiled or knotted into small bundles.

Flavor: Ratlami Sev is known for its spicy and tangy flavor. It has a prominent taste of red chili powder and cumin seeds, with a hint of sourness from the use of citric acid.

Shelf life: Ratlami Sev has a long shelf life of several weeks when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Serving suggestions: Ratlami Sev is often served as a snack with tea or coffee or as a topping for chaat or other street food dishes. It can also be used as a crunchy garnish for salads or soups.

Nutritional value: Ratlami Sev is a high-calorie snack, with around 500–600 calories per 100 grams. It is also high in carbohydrates and fat. However, it is a good source of protein and fiber due to the chickpea flour used in the preparation. You can now get the authentic and freshly packed Ratlami sev in Mumbai from Indore Online’s shop in Thakur village.

Ratlami sev is known for the different patterns that come out of the process of making it. Some of the common patterns include straight sev, zig-zag sev, and spiral sev. These patterns not only add to the aesthetic appeal of the snack but also affect its texture and taste.

  • Straight sev is the simplest pattern and is made by pressing the dough through a straight sev maker. It is the most common pattern and is often used as a base for other varieties of sev.
  • Zig-zag sev, as the name suggests, has a zig-zag pattern and is made by using a zig-zag sev maker. This pattern not only adds to the visual appeal but also gives the sev a crunchier texture.
  • Spiral sev, also known as papdi sev, is made by using a special sev maker that creates a spiral pattern. This pattern is ideal for dishes that require a sturdy sev, such as chaat.


Ratlami Sev is the perfect snack to munch on anytime and is enjoyed by people of all ages. It is not only tasty but also nutritious, as it is made from gram flour and is free from any harmful preservatives. For fresh and authentic Ratlami sev namkeen, visit the website and place your order. At Indore Online, you will get plenty of options for your snacking needs. We are the one-stop shop to buy a variety of namkeens like Double Laung Sev, Barik Feeki Sev, Jiravan Sev, and Ujjaini sev online. Visit our website and start ordering your favorite snacks right away.
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Reasons One Should Not Miss Out On Ratlami Sev Namkeen

Reasons One Should Not Miss Out On Ratlami Sev Namkeen

Food items are no longer only intended to provide calories and nutrients needed daily. These days, food's flavour and appearance are important factors as well. Snacks are convenient food items that can be purchased from any store to satiate a craving for food. Because they are already prepared, packaged snacks are preferred. Additionally, they are tasty and easily available. Snack sections can easily be found in supermarkets and grocery stores.

The most popular packaged snacks are savoury and spicy treats like potato and banana crisps, aloo bhujia, various kinds of sevs, etc. Because they use a variety of condiments in various shapes, sizes, flavours, and combinations, sevs in particular offer a wide range of options. Out of all the sevs, ratlami sev, a famous Indore food, is the most popular. It is gradually becoming the most popular choice among all the savoury namkeen options, not just the list of sevs.

The ratlami sev, which has its roots in the Madhya Pradesh city of Indoor, is poised to gain international recognition in the years to come.

Here is why one should definitely try ratlami sev namkeen:

You must not miss the excellent taste

One of the most bought sevs is ratlami sev, both offline and online. The sev's excellent taste stands out as its most distinctive quality. Every bite is incredibly flavorful and delicious thanks to the clever blending of several condiments and spices. If you enjoy namkeen, you'll undoubtedly enjoy the wonderful flavour of the Ratlami sev packs.

Your collection of savoury treats will grow

Everyone who enjoys munching on food usually has a favourite. The preferred option is just one of the many available choices, though. After all, those with good taste aren't restricted to a small number of options. Every so often, newer varieties of savoury snacks are introduced to the market; however, only a select few of them catch on and continue to be sold; ratlami sev, the popular Indore food, is one of them.

Ratlami Sev can be easily bought online

The ratlami sev is such a sensation that many Indians who have settled abroad and are of Indian descent keep ordering it online. Customers can purchase ratlami sev namkeen online from a number of businesses that can deliver it both domestically and internationally.

It can be used in different ways

The fact that the ratlami sev namkeen can be consumed on its own or combined with other namkeens is one of its best qualities. You can experiment with the ratlami sev mixture in bhel or add some of it to poha for a delicious way to enjoy your favourite namkeen treat.

You can definitely try a variety of recipes since the sev also has a fantastic intrinsic flavour.

It is an easily accessible full meal

You can ensure that you always have a supply of food that is easily consumable by keeping a few extra packs of ratlami sev at home. Ratlami sev is a fantastic meal because it is high in protein. Making curry paste can be helpful in the event of a food shortage at home. Ratlami sev is available for purchase from Indore online, and delivery is guaranteed to your door.

Ratlami Sev is delicious, vegan, and gluten-free

Any cook can easily make this dish because it is so simple to make. It is also high in protein and fiber, which can help you feel more energized or keep hunger at bay if you want to eat later than usual. Since Ratlami Sev is low in calories and fat but high in fibre and nutrients, it might be a good choice for those who are dieting. Additionally, it contains a lot of protein, which can help you feel full and build muscle.

Summing it up

The ideal comfort food for those on a budget or who want something simple to prepare is ratlami sev. It's a great option for everyone because it's also delicious and healthy! You don't have to compromise taste for nutrition because it's such a simple dish to prepare. If you cannot put that much effort in preparing it at home, and still want that authentic, home-made flavour, make sure you order it from Indore Online. You should also explore their rich collection of vast varieties of khakhra and gajak on their website. With the ability to buy such delicious snacks from Indore Online, you can be sure to never run out of the delightful treats.

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Find Your Perfect Munching Online - Ratlami Sev

Find Your Perfect Munching Online - Ratlami Sev

Ratlami Sev is the best snacking option to accompany a hot steaming cup of ginger tea. It can also be used as a topping for Poha, too. Also, winter evenings become warm and cosy when you and your loved ones are gossiping and munching over some salty snacks.

Various food items use ratlami sev. Further, they make a mouthful of spicy snacks. They originate from the place they get their name from, Ratlam from Madhya Pradesh. These deep-fried, flavorsome noodles are famous across the country. But getting your hands on the authentic ratlami sev is hard.

Not now! We have a range of sev including the very unique and authentic special ratlami sev, palak sev, tamatar sev, kadak masala danklee and much more. You are just one click away from mouth-watering evening snacks.

How To Use Ratlami Sev With A Snack?

Here is a list of food items you can experiment with Ratlami Sev and add more taste to your meal.

  1. Poha And Sev

Sev makes the best topping for almost every Indian snack. The first is our beloved Poha! Add some ratlami sev on top, to enhance the overall taste of the poha. Ujjaini sev makes a savory alternative as well. You must order the ujjaini sev online today to have an immersive experience.

  1. Upma And Sev

This combination might throw you off a little, but it is legit, Upma and sev. We know you might not have heard of it yet, so go on and try this. It will be a taste to remember. Henceforth, your upma would not be alone anymore. And for all those times, Indore online will be there.

  1. Tangy Sev Tamatar

This is a Gujarati dish, loved in the west for its zesty taste. It bursts in your mouth and gives a tangy aftertaste. Add masala laung sev to the dish, and see the skyrocket your tastebuds experience. The masala in the sev blends with the gravy to give a perfect balance of flavour and contentment.

  1. Tea And Sev

It is hard to say no to the combination of ratlami sev and chai. Laughing with friends and family on a beautiful evening accompanied by tea and sev is unbeatable.  The double Laung sev are made with natural ingredients and totally add up with a hot steamy tea. Serve it to your family, friends and relatives to treat them with a delicious snack.

  1. Ratlami Sev on its own

Munching them alone is a great option, too. You can have ratlami sev in Mumbai without giving it a thought. Buy Ratlami sev online today.  Indore online has a wide variety of products in Ratlami sev itself. Don’t miss another moment snacking elsewhere when you can have Ratlami sev handmade with natural ingredients.


Indore online offers a wide range of namkeen products that are supreme in taste and high in quality. With our innovative and visionary team, the supply chain is expanding and now has adopted e-commerce to reach more and more Ratlami, sev lovers. We are a one-stop junction for all your needs.
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The Indore-Famous Snacks That Never Let Us Down.

The Indore-Famous Snacks That Never Let Us Down.


There are a few snacks that are so famous and beloved that they never let us down. These snacks are always there for us when we need them, and we can always count on them to satisfy our cravings. Kakhra, barik sev, poha, and ratlami sev namkeen are just a few of these well-known snacks available on Indore online.

Popular snacks from Indore online:


A popular snack known as Khakra or Khakhra is enjoyed across India for breakfast and also as a teatime treat. It is a nutritious snack made of whole wheat grain and cereals. Nutritionists, dietitians, and medical professionals all advise using khakhra, as it fills the stomach with minimal calories.

You may top this flexible, ready-to-eat flatbread with chutney, curd, and jam flavours or just pair it with a warm cup of masala chai or coffee. Additionally, it makes a nice snack to offer your guests.


Health Benefits Of Khakhra

Khakhra is a finger snack that has all the necessary vitamins and minerals. It has all the nutrients needed to support fetal development and benefits pregnant women. It provides a ton of health advantages. Khakhra protects your body against artery blockages, heart disease, cancer, bone issues, high blood pressure, etc.

Khakhra is a very rich silicon source and contains a lot of soluble dietary fiber. The khakhra's silica content helps grow your body's connective tissue. It gives structure to connective tissues, such as those found inside muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and those found under the skin. Also, khakhra promotes the absorption of calcium and stronger bones.

Barik Sev

Barik sev is often a favourite snack among kids, healthy and tasty, that can be eaten before school, or even taken along in the tiffin box.

Barik sev

Barik sev is a popular snack that can be found in many South Indian cities. Barik Sev is an excellent topping for any warm cutlet or poha as well. Barik sev, sprinkled on top, takes the taste up a notch for cutlets and poha.

Ratlami Sev Namkeen

Ratlami Sev is a dish native to Madhya Pradesh that is uniquely spicy and makes for a tasty snack. Ratlami sev namkeen is the trend now. Ratlami Sev is a crispy fried snack made with Gram Flour, Groundnut Oil, Iodized Salt, Spices, and Condiments. Ratlami Sev is a favourite, especially around Diwali time, and has a cult-like following because of its unique texture and flavour. You can order and enjoy this snack and then sit back to think whether to have it with the evening tea or gift it to someone who loves salty and spicy snacks! 

Ratlami Sev

Ratlami Sev's Benefits

One of the most popular sevs to buy online is ratlami sev. The sev's most distinguishing feature is its excellent taste. Every bite is incredibly flavourful and delicious because of the well-considered combination of several condiments and spices.

Experimenting with ratlami sev in bhel or adding a handful to poha can be a delicious way to enjoy your favorite namkeen treat. You can definitely try one recipe after another because the sev has a great intrinsic flavour. If you like namkeen, you'll love the delicious flavour of the Ratlami sev packs.


If you're looking for a delicious snack, you've come to the right place. Indore online has been rated as one of India's best online snack stores. So place your order today!

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Ratlami Sev, Ujjain’s Traditional Snack, Now Available Anywhere In India

Ratlami Sev, Ujjain’s Traditional Snack, Now Available Anywhere In India

Ratlami Sev is a popular snack prepared with gram flour in Madhya Pradesh. In Ratlam, Indore, and Ujjain, numerous foods include sev as their primary ingredient and are, therefore, quite popular. Sev, particularly Ratlami Sev, made of cloves and chickpea flour, is used as a side element in almost all chaat variants in Madhya Pradesh.

Ratlam is associated with the renowned Ratlami Sev. Ratlam Sev was introduced in the late 19th century. The Mughals are said to have been traveling through this area when they suddenly got the urge to eat sevaiyan. Due to the lack of wheat in Ratlam then, the Mughals requested that the Bhil, a group of local tribal people, prepare sevaiyan using gram flour. As a result, the delightful forerunner to Ratlami sev was created.


Ratlami Sev: A Traditional Snack

Using cloves, pepper, and other spices during the making, set this spicy Ratlami sev distinct from the competition. It is spicy and has a unique flavor due to the particular spice mixture. With the addition of carom seeds, it has a crunchy yet soft texture, a potent flavor, and a thickness that sets it apart from other types of sev. Sev is a crispy, flavorful, tart food that can be eaten as a snack, side dish, garnish, or ingredient. Sev is so important in Ratlam and the surrounding regions of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan that even cuisine is generally given with sev and is served with a few on the side. Gram flour is used to make these ratlami sev, which are then fried in edible vegetable oils. Of all the namkeens that have recently entered the market, ratlami sev is possibly the most popular. You can be confident that you'll never run out of the delicious treat by being able to get ratlami sev online at Indore Online. A wide variety of delicious namkeens, including unique flavors like double laung sev and ujjaini sev, are also available at Indore Online. The khatta-meetha mixture is one particular variation that is quite well-liked. 

Ratlami sev

Why is Indore Online's ratlami sev unique and different?

  • Indore Online exclusively uses edible vegetable oil to make namkeens delightful.
  • They provide the highest grade of namkeens that are spicier and crispier. They continue to offer our consumers high-quality products at reasonable prices.
  • The most delicious and attractive snack among food lovers.
  • Products are processed in a clean environment with the best ingredients.
  • Lightweight and suitable for consumption with hot tea.


Indore Online is a famous Namkeen snack brand offering the best low-calorie snacks in the Indian cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune. Indore Online is one of the major stores in Indore. Apart from the Ratlami Sev, you can easily get ujjaini sev online and other products from our website. If you are craving this tasty and healthy ratlami sev in Mumbai, feel free to place your order from our website at the best-in-market rates.

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Masala Buttermilk

Masala Buttermilk- The Most Versatile Spice Blend

An extremely flavorful Indian spice mixture for digestion is called Chaas Masala, also known as Masala Buttermilk. Masala Chaas is a very well-liked summer beverage that is made with this spice mixture, which may be kept for up to a year at room temperature. Compared to juices and other drinks, the beverage is healthier.

Although pre-packaged chaas masala is commonly found in grocery shops, homemade chaas masala has superior flavours.

Chaas Masala or Masala Buttermilk

Masala chaas is made with chaas masala, an Indian spice mixture that aids digestion. There is a masala recipe for every family. Generally, it is made using black pepper, cumin seeds, cinnamon, cloves, and three different kinds of salt. Each ingredient should be lightly roasted before being finely powdered. It is kept in an airtight container at room temperature. It can last up to a year. You can make masala chaas in 2 minutes once the chaas masala is ready.

Masala Chaas: What is it?

The best summer beverage is Indian masala chaas! It is light and refreshing in addition to being healthy because it is made with curd, water, mint, and a special spice mixture. In India, especially in Gujarati and Rajasthani households, it is a highly well-liked beverage. It is also known as Katchhi Beer in some regions of Gujarat.

You only need a hand blender to make chaas; no particular skills are needed. You simply need to blend water and chilled curd, then pour into glasses. Add some prepared chaas masala (masala buttermilk) and enjoy the drink. It's that easy! This is the ideal way to stay cool on warm days. It complements any Indian food well. One summer beverage that you can prepare in advance is this one.

Why do people adore this Chaas Masala?

  • Chaas masala is versatile; it can be used in lemonade, a salad, a sandwich, or fruits.
  • This beverage gives you the necessary hydration while also aiding in body cooling.
  • There are many health advantages to buttermilk, some of which include:
  1. Hydrates your body and shields you from the sun's damaging UV rays.
  2. On a sunny day, it gives you energy.
  3. Brings down blood pressure.

Ingredients that go into Masala Buttermilk and their health benefits 

Rock Salt: Any Indian grocery store carries rock salt, also known as sendha namak or shindhalu. This salt helps with digestion, enhances appetite, gets rid of gas, and relieves heartburn. It is used as a DIY treatment for a variety of ailments.

Regular salt: It supplies the iodine your body needs.

Cumin seeds: This aromatic spice has a long history of usage in medicine in addition to its culinary applications. It has anti-carcinogenic effects, is a great source of iron, and helps with digestion, immune system support, and cancer prevention. Cumin aids in lowering blood sugar levels, which helps to keep the body's blood levels balanced.

Black Salt/Kala Namak: Indian black salt, sometimes referred to as Kala namak, is well-liked in India, and other countries all over the world. The salt has a pinkish-gray tint because of the iron and other minerals it contains. It is well-known for its advantages to health as well as for holding food. It has numerous health advantages. It strengthens your entire digestive system.

Black pepper: Black pepper helps with digestion and also soothes cough and cold.

Cinnamon: It has a high antioxidant content and prevents diabetes.

Cloves: It has a number of health advantages, some of which include aiding in digestion, stimulating the immune system, managing diabetes, protecting bone quality, combating oral illnesses, and relieving headaches.

Ingredients needed to make Masala Chaas

Yogurt- Prefer to use full-fat whole milk curd for chaas. However, you can use fat-free or low-fat curd if you're concerned about your intake of fat. Use either store-bought or homemade products. You should add more water if you're using greek yogurt.

 Mint: Only use the leaves; don't use the stems.

Chaas Masala: Earlier-prepared homemade masala.

Water: The amount of water to add depends on how thick your curd is. Use only cold water, please.

Recipe to make Masala Buttermilk 

It will yield 550 grams of Chaas Masala from this recipe.

  1. Dry roast the cumin, black pepper, clove, and cinnamon stick in a skillet over a low flame until they are of a light golden brown colour. Allow this to totally cool down.
  1. Transfer this to a jar, thoroughly crush it, and create a fine powder. Well-sift this masala. Set it apart.
  1. Dry-roast the normal salt now for five minutes on low heat. Allow it to cool down.
  1. Combine roasted table salt, roasted masala powder, sendha namak, and kala namak in a large bowl. Mix them thoroughly. Put all the ingredients in a blender and pulse a few times for simple blending.
  1. The Masala Buttermilk is prepared. Add a few mint leaves and 1/2 teaspoon of this masala to the buttermilk and stir thoroughly. It's time to enjoy masala chaas.

Important Tips

  • It tastes best when served cold, so keep that in mind.
  • If serving chaas immediately, use cooled curd and chilled water or stir in a few ice cubes. If you won't be serving it straight away, put it in the fridge.
  • When preparing the chaas, stir it first before pouring it into the glass.

Instead of making it at home, you can order Masala Buttermilk online with the assurance of getting it real, fresh, and free from preservatives from Indore Online by visiting the website www.indore.online, or simply by clicking on the link Laddhaji's Chaas (Chach) Masala. At Indore Online, you will find a vast collection of different types of masalas such as Chai Masala, Doodh Masala, Sabzi Masala, Poha Masala, Achar Masala, and many more. A variety of snacks are also available on their platform. Famous snacks like Hasty Tasty Indori Poha, Barik Sev, Indori Sev, Ratlami Sev, Navratna Namkeen, and many more can now be enjoyed in the comfort of your home just by ordering online from www.indore.online.  We encourage you to experiment with as many foods as you wish from Indore Online.

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Masala Khakhra

Now Make Crunchy Masala Khakhras At Home!

Khakhra is a Gujarati food that is crisp, extremely crisp, prepared with healthy ingredients, and cooked by dry roasting, making it both healthy and delicious. A masala khakhra is a khakhra that has been spice-flavored. Even if you are watching your weight, you can cheerfully enjoy these crisps. If you are not traveling to Gujarat very often, you can still enjoy this Gujrati delicacy by trying it at home.

Let's discuss the ingredients of the Khakhra recipe:

Flour: Whole wheat flour is used to make the khakhras. Besan, which is added in very little amounts, gives the khakhras a very wonderful flavour.

Spices: To flavour the khakhras, dried fenugreek leaves, red chilli flakes, and carom seeds (ajwain) were used. The right amount of salt is very important for khakhras. 1/2 tsp salt is just the right amount for 1 cup of whole wheat flour.

Oil and milk: When preparing the dough for khakhra, as little as 2 tsp of oil should be added. Knead the dough with milk. The recipe does not call for the addition of water, to give it long shelf life. The khakhras are roasted without oil.

Tips for making the ideal khakhra:
Roll it as thinly as you can.
Cook for 3-5 minutes on a low burner (each khakhra).
While cooking the khakhra, press it.

Recipe to make Masala Khakhra

12 to 15 masala khakhras can be made from this recipe..

1. Combine 1 cup of whole wheat flour (aata), 2 tsp of gram flour (besan), 12 tsp of carom seeds (ajwain), 2 tsp of dried fenugreek leaves (kasuri methi), 1/4 tsp of red chilli flakes, 1/8 tsp of turmeric powder (haldi), 1/2 tsp of salt, or salt to taste, and 2 tsp oil.
2. Thoroughly combine everything.
3. Gradually add milk.
4. Prepare a soft dough similar to chapati dough.
5. Cover the dough and let it rest for 15 minutes.
6. Give the dough one knead after 15 minutes.
7. Separate the dough into pieces.
8. Form a ball out of the portion. Add some flour and coat. By applying pressure with your fingertips, flatten the dough ball.
9. Next, roll into a khakhra keeping it incredibly thin. Incorporate flour as needed.
10. Heat a skillet to a medium temperature. Onto it, place the khakhra. Cook it on a low flame. Allow the bubbles to form.
11. Flip it over and cook the other side as well. The khakhra should be pressed using muslin fabric.
12. Flip it once again, and cook it until golden brown spots start to appear. Each khakhra needs to be cooked for at least 3 minutes and 5 minutes if it is larger.
13. Allow it to completely cool down. In a container that is airtight, pack them. Bon appetit!

Interesting recipes to try out with Masala Khakhra

The Khakhra Chaat

Who doesn't enjoy the wistful flavour of Northern Indian street chaat? The majority of these chaat recipes feature curd, a variety of intriguing spices, tamarind chutney, a green chutney consisting of coriander, green chilies, and fresh mangoes as the topping. Due to the fact that khakhra already has a flavour profile that fits the chaat category, making a chat from it is even more intriguing. Simply break up some khakhras into medium-sized pieces and top it with finely chopped tomatoes, onions, the two chutneys, curd, and coriander leaves before adding some sev as a garnish!


Rotis leftovers are used to make the traditional Indian breakfast dish chivda. This dish is prepared similarly to poha but with bits of roti. Simply include chunks of khakhra in the recipe to get this crunchier and more delicious variation! Crack some mustard seeds, chana dal, and peanuts in a heated pan with some oil. They should just be lightly cooked until everything is brown and fragrant. Add salt and your preferred spices to this along with the crushed khakhra.

Coleslaw and Khakhra

There aren't many better combinations than this khakhra coleslaw combination if you want to satisfy your demands for a continental breakfast with a desi twist! Start by shredding some vegetables, such as cabbage, carrots, and celery, to make homemade coleslaw. Combine it with some apple cider vinegar, mayonnaise, and Dijon mustard. Use this coleslaw mixture to garnish your khakhras. Your quick breakfast is ready!

Summing it up

If you want to try out the amazing snacks recipes share above, but need instant khakhras instead of making them from scratch and also looking for the same home-like flavour, you can simply order it online from www.indore.online or just click on the link Masala Khakhra - Indore (200gm pack) : Available only for self-pickup – Indore.Online and place your order. Khakhras from Indore Online are fresh, authentic, preservatives-free, crunchy and delicious. You can also order instant packs of other delicious snacks like ratlami sev, instant indori poha, instant bedmi puri mix, and many more. To add the unique indori flavour to these snacks, don’t forget to order pure indori jeeravan masala also. And your snacking will be sorted forever.

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