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Exploring Indore's Flavors in Mumbai: The Best Namkeen and Instant Mix Delights

Exploring Indore's Flavors in Mumbai: The Best Namkeen and Instant Mix Delights

Welcome to the tantalizing world of Indore's flavors right here in Mumbai! If you've ever yearned for the authentic taste of Indore's famous namkeen or craved the convenience of instant mixes like Khaman, Gulab Jamun, or Jalebi, then look no further than Indore Online Shop. This virtual haven brings the essence of Indore's culinary heritage to your doorstep, offering a mouthwatering array of traditional snacks and instant mixes. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the savory and sweet delights that await you at Indore Online Shop.

Indore's Famous Namkeen in Mumbai

Craving for Indore’s famous namkeen in Mumbai? Look no further than the Indore Online Shop, your gateway to the exquisite tastes of Madhya Pradesh.

Indulge in the savory delights of Ratlami Sev, renowned for its bold spices and crunchy texture, or savor the traditional Ujjaini Sev, a true ode to the city's culinary heritage.

Delight your taste buds with the irresistible crunch of Dal Moth or the aromatic blend of Poha Mix Sev.

Experience the perfect balance of tanginess and spice with Jiravan Sev or savor the unique aroma of Hing Sev.

For health-conscious snackers, the Diet Mix Chivda offers guilt-free munching without compromising on taste.

Whether you're a seasoned fan of Indore's namkeens or a newcomer eager to explore its rich flavors, the Indore Online Shop brings the essence of Madhya Pradesh's culinary delights right to your doorstep in Mumbai.

Instant Mix Delights

In addition to its delectable namkeen, Indore is also celebrated for its quick and easy-to-prepare instant mixes. Busy lifestyles demand convenient yet delicious meal solutions, and Indore Online Shop delivers just that with its range of instant mixes.

Instant Khaman Mix

Crafted with care and expertise, the instant khaman mix by Indore Online contains the flavors of Indore's renowned Khaman, offering a quick and hassle-free way to enjoy this beloved snack at home. Simply add water, steam, and savor the soft, fluffy texture and tangy-sweet taste that epitomizes traditional Khaman. Perfect for busy days or impromptu gatherings, this instant khaman mix promises to satisfy cravings with every bite, bringing a taste of Indore's culinary heritage to kitchens worldwide.

 Instant Khaman Mix

Instant Gulab Jamun Mix

Infused with the essence of traditional Indian sweets, the instant gulab jamun mix offers the perfect balance of sweetness and richness, replicating the authentic flavors of homemade Gulab Jamun with utmost ease. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice in the kitchen, preparing these delectable treats is a breeze. Just mix, shape, fry, and immerse in syrup for the quintessential Gulab Jamun experience. With this Instant Gulab Jamun Mix, you can effortlessly treat yourself and your loved ones to a taste of celebration anytime, anywhere.

Instant Jalebi Mix

Satisfy your craving for the delightful Indian treat of jalebi anytime, anywhere with the Instant Jalebi Mix from Indore Online store. Crafted with the perfect blend of premium ingredients and authentic flavors, this convenient mix ensures that you can indulge in crispy, syrupy jalebis within minutes. Whether you're hosting a gathering, enjoying a cozy evening at home, or simply seeking a sweet escape, this ready-to-use mix guarantees a burst of traditional taste and aroma with every bite. Elevate your culinary experience and relish the irresistible charm of freshly made jalebis effortlessly, courtesy of Indore Online store's Instant Jalebi Mix.

Instant Jalebi mix

With these convenient mixes, you can experience the authentic taste of Indore's culinary delights whenever the craving strikes.

Best Namkeen Online

Indore Online Shop prides itself on offering the best namkeen online, other than their renowned store at Thakur Village, Mumbai. Each batch is crafted with care using high-quality ingredients and time-honored recipes, ensuring that every bite is a burst of flavor and nostalgia. Whether you're hosting a party, snacking on the go, or simply treating yourself to a culinary adventure, our range of namkeen promises to delight your senses and leave you craving for more.


Indore Online Shop brings the vibrant flavors of Indore's famous namkeen in Mumbai, along with instant mixes that capture the essence of this culinary hub. From traditional favorites to innovative delights, our products are sure to satisfy your cravings and transport you to the streets of Indore with every bite. So why wait? Explore Indore Online shelves today and embark on a gastronomic journey to remember!

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The Peanut Gajak - Winter Sweetness Unleashed

The Peanut Gajak - Winter Sweetness Unleashed

Peanut gajak is a traditional Indian sweet made with jaggery and nuts like peanuts, cashews, almonds, etc. In its basic form, peanut gajak is made with dry ingredients such as peanuts, jaggery, sugar, and liquid glucose. The coconut oil, or ghee, is used to roast the jaggery to give it a nice aroma and taste. Roasting enhances the flavour of the jaggery and enhances the taste of the peanut gajak.

Peanut gajak is a healthy snack for diabetic patients since it is a good source of protein and low in carbs. It should not be confused with til gajak which is made with sesame seeds.  It's an easy snack to make and tastes delicious when served hot. You can try making peanut gajak for yourself at home and see how tasty it can be!

Reasons you’ll love Peanut gajak 

Peanut gajak is a delicious, mouthwatering treat that is loved by everyone. Made with peanut, jaggery, sugar, liquid glucose and edible oils, it is a simple yet delicious recipe. Peanut gajak is consumed during the winter months and is associated with the lohri and makar sankranti festivals. It's crisp and tangy taste makes it a perfect energy booster snack. Besides, it's also a kid-friendly recipe that can be made at home for friends and family. You can make different varieties such as gajak chomps, gud chikkis, jaggery peels, sesame sticks etc. It's a treat you cannot miss out on!

Ingredients for Peanut gajak

Peanut gajak is a delicious Indian snack made of raw peanuts, jaggery, sugar, and liquid glucose. While it is easy to make, you need to follow the recipe carefully. Raw peanuts are the best option for this recipe as they provide the desired texture and crunch factor. Other ingredients include jaggery, which is used to sweeten the gajak.

Peanuts are considered a healthy snack for diabetic patients since they are a good source of protein and low in carbs. They can be enjoyed as snacks or added to various dishes for added flavor and nutritional value. Also, gajak is an amazing treat during the winter season because it's so light and crispy on the outside but so creamy and warm on the inside. If you're looking for a delicious Indian treat, try peanut gajak!

How to make Peanut Gajak

  1. Roast peanuts on a low heat until they are light brown and toasty, which takes around 7-8 minutes.
  2. Once the peanuts have begun to turn golden, add the jaggery syrup and mix well. This will determine the texture of your gajak.
  3. Don't stir too much as it may cause the mixture to become grainy.
  4. Once the jaggery syrup has reached the hard ball stage, add the roasted peanuts and mix until all the nuts are coated with the syrup.
  5. Spread the peanut mixture to a greasy flat plate and roll with a rolling pin to 1/4" thickness using a wooden pin.
  6. Cut gajak pieces with a sharp knife into squares and enjoy!

Jaggery syrup

Peanut gajak is a delicious Indian dessert made using jaggery syrup and roasted peanuts. The correct consistency of the jaggery syrup is crucial for the recipe to turn out perfectly. To check the consistency, you can either drop it in cold water or use a digital thermometer. Once the jaggery syrup reaches the hard ball stage at 265°F, it should be mixed with the roasted peanuts. 

More about gajak

It is believed that gajak originated in Morena, near Agra, but is widely available in cities such as Indore, Meerut, Agra, and Delhi. It is made during the winter months and eaten due to its combination of jaggery and peanuts, which produce heat in the body. The other gajak varieties available on Indore Online include Gud Mawa Roll Gajak, Chocolate Gajak, Dry Fruit Kaju Gajak, Gond Gajak, Chocolate Gajak, Gajak Puff, and Cranberry Gajak. Peanut gajak can be bought in a variety of sizes, such as 400 gms and 800 gms. If you're looking to try this delicious treat with its authentic taste and flavour, you can simply order it from Indore Online.

Similar festive Indian treats that you should try

If you want to try some delicious Indian snacks, look no further than the famous online namkeen store, Indore Online. Ratlami Sev Indore is a crispy, crunchy, and lip-smackingly delicious snack that is mostly enjoyed with tea or coffee. Other interesting snacks include Shahi Lajawab Mixture, Dal Moth, Khatta Meetha Mixture, Tea Break Khari, Methi Mathri, and many more. These delicacies are perfect for any occasion, from celebrations to snacks at home. Whether you're a fan of spicy or sweet treats, there's something in this store for you. So, why wait? Order snacks online from their website and satiate your cravings.
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Top 5 Namkeens in India We Totally Love!

Top 5 Namkeens in India We Totally Love!

Indians are big-time foodies who simply cannot do without having snacks on their plate. So whether it is bundi raita to go with their biryani or adding namkeen to their curries and turning them into innovative dishes such as the spicy misal or sev bhaaji, Indians have a long history of namkeen. 

Every community in India has specialty namkeen, so whether it is the fafda of Gujarat or Karnataka’s jackfruit chips. Here are some of our top authentic Namkeens that we totally recommend:

  1. Ratlami Sev

Crispy and fried, the famous Indori Ratlami sev is made from healthy chickpea flour with Indori blend of spices. Ratlami Sev is an excellent high-tea ally, or you can have it with Indian dishes such as upma, poha, etc.

  1. Teekhi Bundi

Teekhi bundi is a perfect ingredient for raita. Just mix curd, bundi, salt, sugar and enjoy this delicious raita with a variety of rice and paratha items. Looking to buy authentic Indori namkeen online? Check out Indore.online!

  1. Mota Gathiya

Indians love their namkeen. So whether it is to munch on during the evening tea or as a snack item in office lunchbox, they love something savoury! The Mota Gathiya is not a masaledaar snack item but its light, salty taste is something that doesn’t let you keep hands off of it!

  1. Tasty Peanuts

The party-favourite snack item, Tasty peanuts is a super companion for your drinks! The namkeen consists of coated masala peanuts that are spicy and tangy! They’re so delicious that we bet you can’t just eat one! 

  1. Diet Mix Chiwda

For the health conscious namkeen lovers who want to stay fit but also cannot miss out on chatpata namkeen, the Diet Mix Chiwda is the right pick for you! Top it up with finely chopped tomatoes, onions and coriander, and spritz some lemon juice to turn it into a yummy chaat item. 

Looking for Indore famous namkeen online? Check out Indore.online for lip-smacking authentic Indori namkeen! If you wish to buy tasty namkeen offline, then head to our Indori Ratlami sev shop in Mumbai (Thakur Village, Kandivali East) for a variety of authentic snacks, papads, gajak, instant mixes and more! 

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