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Advantages Of Having Instant Mix Items In The Kitchen

Advantages Of Having Instant Mix Items In The Kitchen

With a hush-hush routine and no time to cook, people are constantly looking for an easy way out to fill their stomach without actually making any extra effort. The first site of the morning, and we are already running behind schedules, meetings and appointments. The breakfast routine has officially been eliminated and replaced with running time with instant foods in our hands. Instant mix ready food from Indore Online is set on the purpose of making your life easier and full of tasty food.

Indore Online offers a range of instant mix foods such as instant upma mix, gulab jamun mix, instant khaman mix and basundi instant mix. Fingerlicking food with affordable costs and no extra effort to cook is the ultimate life-saving recipe offered by Indore Online.

 Instant Khaman Mix


Indore Online serves fresh and easy to cook instant mix delicacies. It is known for its authentic and fresh ingredients served with a flavor of Indore.  

Unlike other instant cup noodles and dishes, Indore Online serves the best variety of tasty and healthy instant mixes with a hint of our Indian culture which saves the hassle of gathering tons of ingredients and having to spend long hours in your kitchen. People, far away from home with no time in their hands and no ingredients available can get instant mixes from Indore Online which taste just like home.

Variety of Instant mixes

Indore Online offers a wide range of instant foods through its website. You can pick from a variety of options, place an order and get it delivered on your doorstep. A number of affordable instant food mixes are available on the Indore Online website. The following instant food options include the following: 

  • Instant Khaman Mix
  • Instant Moong Bhajia mix
  • Instant Upma mix
  • Instant Gulab Jamun mix
  • Basundi Instant mix
  • Kalakand-l Instant mix
  • Instant Gota mix

All of these food mixes don’t eat up a large amount of time from your routine. The most prominent quality of these mixes is that they can be prepared in a short amount of time and taste just like your home. The spices and the flavor used in these instant mixes remind you of your home. 

Preparing the food

Most of these instant mixes can be prepared only in a few steps. Instant food mixes such as Upma mix and Khaman mix can only be prepared in a short amount of time. You can prepare these healthy food mixes in the following couple of steps:

  1. Heat a pan
  2. Fill 2 cups of water and heat the water
  3. Put the instant mix food in the heated water
  4. Simmer down the heat and cover the pan with a lid
  5. Let the food soak the water
  6. And your food is ready to eat 

Garnish the food with coriander and enjoy the freshly cooked meal.


Get yourself a breakfast that encompasses a variety of flavors and textures. Indore Online is a well-known and renowned store that has kept our cultural legacy alive with its special range of spices and flavors. You will not have to deny yourself some tasty instant mixes when your heart asks for it.