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Dalia (500gm pack)

0.5 kg
Rs. 40

 Dalia (Thulli / Crush Wheat)  (500gm pack - Price Rs. 40)



  • It has all benefits of  wheat flour, and it contains the outer bran of the the wheat, therefore it provides additional benefits as well. 

Formed on Drained Loamy fertile Soil of M.P. which gives a rice fiber diet & contain natural proteins, vitamins & minerals that are good for health.

  • Dalia also called as Broken Wheat  made from whole raw Wheat Which are crushed or into smaller pieces.

  •  Generally Plain Dalia or Dalia Kheer is eaten during sickness and after operations as high fiber foods help to increase the metabolism.

  • Dalia is a treat for the people who need a fiber rice diet.

  • Daily diet of Dalia is an ailment to many health problems.


Serving Suggestions:



  • Daliya Pure and 100% with Natural Broken Wheat
  • used to prepare sweet and tasty Daliya
  • No Added Color Or Preservatives.

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