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Doodh Masala (Milk Masala) 17 gm pack) - Dave Ka Divya

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Milk Masala (also known as Doodh or dudh Masala) - A special nuts and spices blend, added to milk, it makes for a wholesome and nourishing drink. Milk Masala adds flavour and richness when added to ice-creams, kulfi, milk shakes, kheer and more.

Recipe : 
- Kesariya Milk (makes 5 cup Kesariya Milk)

Instructions :
- Add 5 spoons (around 50gm) of Sugar
- Add 2 table spoon (10gm) of Doodh Masala to 1 litre of Milk
- Simmer it overlow heat for atleast 15-20 mins, stirring a few times till it thickens (above 1/3 should be evaporated, approx)
- Serve hot or chilled

Milk Masala can also be used while preparing Khir, Rabadi, Shree-khand, ras-Malai, Kulfi, Laddu, Aam ras (Mango shake)

It can also be used for Garnishing various Indian sweet dishes. 

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